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Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Thursday Date Night

So LAST Thursday brought about date number two with MrInvestor aka MrClarkKent.
In between date number one and date number two we had chatted on the phone a few times, texted back and forth (which I have to say every time would make me smile).

So even managed a comment over text the previous Thursday (he was out with friends) that it wasn't as much fun as next (date night) Thursday would be. 
Which had me grinning from ear to ear.
He was sweet with messaging me even when I was away in Florida also.

So we again met up downtown.
And we started heading towards Queen West area to Mavrik Winebar.
Does this guy pick fabulous places or what?

MAVRIK gallery - exterior

I thought it was the perfect decor and comfortable place for a date.
We decided on a wine flight and a plate of cheese and meats.
TOTALLY some of my fav stuff to eat.
So I was thrilled.

MAVRIK gallery - interior 

MAVRIK gallery - interior seating

Being date #2 and all we had a little bit more serious conversations.
Enough to make me actually want more of those types of conversations.
Enough to also make me wonder if/when I should drop the SpencerBombshell.
But I thought it still isn't the right time for that.

We had a great time again...time FLIES with him.
He totally makes me laugh.
I guess one of my concerns is if he like me.
Which I need to LET go of because obviously we are hanging out and communicating.
I think I need to realize that the guys who tend to sweep me off my feet with grandiose statements of how incredible I am (good for the ego) tend to be full of sh*t (ie. MrDentist).
So maybe I need to chillax for a little.

After we were done at Mavrik we headed to the Queen Mother Cafe.
If it sounds familiar I did go on a date there before (read here).
Where we had coffee and chatted some more.

Before I knew it it was after midnight!
So again he took me back to my car.
This time after the hug...I totally leaned in for a kiss (I know I'm SO bold now!)
And it was wonderful and sweet and just enough to totally make me blush.
He told me to text him when I got in (which I really liked).

Since then we've been texting back and forth a bunch.
Could he be the one behind the mystery flower delivery???
We've made plans for date #3 this coming Tuesday.
So excited!