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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last LAST Tuesday Date Night

So last last Tuesday (umm as in almost two weeks ago).
I had my first date with MrInvestor aka MrClarkKent.
I had bailed on our original first date (which I wrote about here in this post).

So we met up downtown after work.
The first thing I noticed (besides his resemblance to ClarkKent) was how tall he was (glad I threw on heels for the date).
And he was cute :)

So we headed to Torito Tapas Bar in the Kensington area of Toronto.
Which is awesome because I love tapas.
I find something really romantic about sharing food.

Pic from here
We ordered some wine and some dishes to share.
I thought the food was great and the company was even better.
It is a small cute place.
Pretty casual.

Pic from here

Also because it was a Tuesday night it was rather quiet out.
It was fun (even if I was nervous).
And we had really good conversation.
It left me intrigued to find out more.
I definitely felt like we were both trying to figure each other out a little bit.

After he was a gentleman (bonus) and walked me all the way to my car.
A quick hug and a kiss on the cheek was how the end of the night went down.
And plans were made for date #2 for after I returned from Florida.  
I definitely want to get to know him better...with him I just felt a certain sense of ease.
There is definitely attraction and chemistry there but also that nervousness of getting to know someone lingering.
To be continued...

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