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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my crazy last 48 hours

So Sunday I headed over to our sorority house for our annual general meeting AGM.
Was sworn into my new position (yay!)
Had a tour of the house.

I noticed one of the young sorority girl's hand/wrist/fingers was extremely swollen.
So I took her to the hospital at 5pm.
Which landed us there until 2am before she was finally admitted to a bed...
(the glorious Canadian "free" health care system at it's finest...actually there are a lot of things I could vent about it but I'm going to hold my tongue).
She's still there but making improvements.
It was nice to chat away and find out all the things we had in common (she also loves OTH (and has a tattoo that has to do with it!)/KimK/our sorority...I totally made her cry when I was talking about the amazing friendships I have with my sisters!)
So obviously my 6:30pm Sunday night date with MrInvester was postponed until tonight!

Then last night I had a meeting at One in Yorkville 
(the same restaurant I went to here with Will for dinner that Friday night).
For a meeting for that job opportunity that I think I'm going to decline.
Also the person I met with last night asked if MrDentist was my boyfriend 
(because that is the person who was with my work colleague who we ran into when we were there last time).

Got a text from Val re: party I wasn't invited to (read about THAT vent here).
Saying "MM was there...but the good news is he said he was just finishing reading the hunger games...due to your influence.  If you're going to leave a mark-that's a good one! lol"
Which truly shows how dorky I am...but at least I got him on trend.
And I bite my tongue again to keep from asking about him...NOT that I want to date him BUT because part of me wants to know (for some strange self pain inflicting reason haha) does he have a girlfriend? did he ask about me? etc.

So I'm just getting ready for work and the immediate dinner date with MrInvester who sort of looks like Clark Kent from his pics.
But maybe I just think a lot of boys look like Clark Kent if they have dark medium hair and glasses.
I'm kind of a nerd like that.

Pic from here.  I totally found Dean Cain super dreamy...huge total crush...who wouldn't want a nerdy guy that could also change into a muscle bound hero in a telephone booth?!

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