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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Picture Post!

Want some random pictures?
Good...hear ya go!

Sometimes I totally have a bachelor pad fridge...just saying.


St. Paddy's Day Beer...I remember they used to use these like puck shaped things when I was a drizzle of green dye that looks kinda gross!

My St. Paddy's Day go to...Midori and Sprite...and not just because KimKardashian is Midori's spokesperson either I like the taste.  Yummy!

Me and Will at St. Paddy's Day.  @SoMidwestern...he's wearing a nice jacket eh?  And you better believe I wore a dress and pearls to St. Paddy's day :)

Outfit for date#1with MrMD read here if you missed it...I LOVE this outfit...I feel cute in it :)

Random outfit pic...with my spring jacket.  It's my fav I love the bubble hem.

Outfit sans jacket.  I was on my way to a sorority meeting.

Shoes from outfit above...I LOVE bows!-Anne Klein 

A few weeks ago it was so cloudy but this has got to be the coolest pic with the CN Tower...I didn't take this though.

Same day the view from my 26th floor foggy.

Quinn's babygirl...seriously how cute is this!

Pic from my casual Sunday outfit for the seminar I was stuck in all weekend.
Totally random I know but I kept meaning to share these pics!

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