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Monday, April 16, 2012

A sweet thing and a slightly creepy thing...

I wanted to share something sweet with you.
Well first I had a little bit of a force myself to sign back onto EH and talk to three boys that I've been MIA from chatting with because when it comes down to it I suck at playing the field.
But I feel like I SHOULD play the field.

But then it leads to all kinds of drama.
Like when you get a single red rose delivered to you at work but you have NO idea who it is from.  This happened Friday.
I have the blog post scheduled for tomorrow with picture evidence.

Only today I found out who it's from.
MrEager...ohhhhh you don't know MrEager.
That's right because I only have chatted with him on the phone once.
And texted a few times.
I pushed off going out with him until I got back from Florida and I've been crazy busy since so yea.  And he sent me a flower.
Pic from here
To my work.
Which means he just googled me based on my full name being on my answering machine and by knowing my profession.
So I'm kind of creeped out a bit.
That's a little full on.
AND I have no idea how to respond to it.
I haven't heard from him since and I feel so AWKWARD about it!
So it's kind of creepy (you will get it when you see the note tomorrow).

So instead of leaving you all creeped out I will finish with something sweet.
I just got off the phone with MrClarkKent (nee MrInvestor).
Pic from here
We were chatting about plans for tomorrow night.
And he asked what I was doing this weekend.
I told him I had plans for Saturday (I didn't say what...following TheRules and all) 
but could make another night work.
He said, "why don't you pencil me in for Friday".
I called him out with something along the lines of, "but we haven't even gone on our Tuesday night date yet!"
(I know I'm a super dork!)
And he said, 
"I have a good feeling about how tomorrow night will go."
So sweet right?
Some boys know how to play things and some boys don't.

I'll keep you posted on all situations of course!


  1. Oooooooooh, I like that comment about penciling him in for Friday night. I like it a lot.