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Sunday, April 1, 2012

the things you hear that they didn't say

Quick vent.
So I was chatting with Val yesterday we were going to see if we could squeeze in some hang out time yesterday afternoon.
So we are texting back and forth.

I suggested we maybe go see a movie or something last night.
She couldn't because she was going to a party at Eva's.
Thank goodness we were texting becuase I totally said out loud what the F*CK?!

Then Val added yea I think MM will be there.
Yes you read that correctly.
Ummm okay.
So MM the nice guy that he is 
(I'm being sarcastic but it's hard to communicate THAT over text) is invited.
And I am not invited.

My blood was boiling...I'm still livid.
Yea pretty sure this doesn't even deserve a confrontation at this point.
So hurt.

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