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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girls Night.

Saturday was officially girls night.
I don't even know how I rallied after my super late Friday night and then CPR recert all day.
But I did.

I met Laurel at Nota Bene.
Pic from here

Pic from here

Despite the subpar service it was good.
The food and wine saved it ;)

We had 
Sumac-Dusted Green Papaya Slaw, Cashews

Tomatillo Relish, Guajillo Purée, Coriander

Porcini Mushrooms, House Pancetta, Olives

nb | Nota Bene Signature dishes

Then we headed to Yukyuks.

It was hilarious.
I always forget how much I like comedy clubs.
It's super fun to start off your night with some laughs.
Then we met up with four of our other girlfriends at a pub.
Pic from here

Which is not my style.
Especially because Laurel and I were all dolled up in cocktail dresses and heels.
And we totally got stared at.
But I have a new drink!
Gin and tonic (but with at least three limes!)
Totally a Taylor inspired drink.
Nice because I don't slam it back (like Rum and Cokes etc) but not so sickly sweet that I feel terrible the next day.

Then we headed to a place that the other girls had been dying to check out called Laide.
Which was a cross between exactly what you think that is and the last half of the street Adelaide.
It looked alright from the photos on the website.

And yes that is naked bodies in the hallway entrance.
Anatomically correct.
The thing is it was just sort of trashy to be honest.
It had the potential to be kind of cool.
But it was just sloppy and looks run down on the inside and with the dim lighting, all black walls, sheets covering the benches and porn being shown on a wall (like 70s porn...blech) it just seemed kinda sleazy.
I didn't care for it at all.
So I was happy when Laurel was keen to leave early as well.
And with that I feel into bed exhausted on my Saturday girls night out!

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