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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Florida Frivolous Loot Post!

I love going to Florida.
Especially because the shopping is FABULOUS 
(and so SO cheap especially compared to Canada!
Here is the frivolous loot post!
Skirt (with pockets) and tank from Target!

Do you know what these are?  Basically padding for the backs of heels, ball of the foot heart pads and non slip to add to the bottom of heels.

My first pair of Sperry's EVER!!!!  They are seriously the most comfortable shoes EVER!

I love the happy pretty pattern on the side!

New basic black patent heels.

Royal blue wedges from Target!

My first pair of Jack Roger's!  I picked a neutral metallic to hopefully go with everything :)

How could I resist this Kappa print?!  I love Lilly.
Have you done any shopping lately?


  1. OMG - so perfect...I had my brother buy me those EXACT same pair of Sperrys last Spring when he was working at a dept store. Great minds think alike!!! :)

  2. Tay- that's HILARIOUS! Of course we bought the EXACT same pair of Sperry's! Two peas in a pod...I tell ya! We need to book Chicago trip so I can have a counter on this blog! xo

  3. So much cute stuff! I need you to shop for me.

  4. @A- Thank you! You've got fabulous style I always want to steal your cute things!