Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So MrClarkKent and I had our third date lined up for last night.
He met me at my work.
I love how tall he is (6'4") and he's really cute but anyway.

He came to pick me up outside my office downtown.
We hopped in a cab to head to Origin.
Which I've been to one time before.
For my failed birthday attempt with Val (read here if you missed it).

We had amazing cocktails to start.
Then we shared an appetizer of Bufala mozzarella/pear/rosemary oil/pinenuts/honey 
which was amazing!
Pic from here I can't believe I actually found a pic of this on the internet by the way!
Then we moved on to some essential mini falafal(I have no idea how to spell it) balls.
Then we shared a warm mushroom salad and some perch that was also amazing.

It was a great atmosphere and I really enjoy his company.
He makes me laugh and he knows how to make me blush.
He's sweet and funny and a little bit nerdy (like me haha).

Afterwards he suggested we could go to his place for coffee/tea.
I agreed (why not right?)
So we headed to his place which was smack downtown.
Definitely a bachelor pad...he has a projection screen taking up an entire wall!

So he made some green tea for us to sip on.
We sat on his couch chatting.
He showed me how his projection screen thingy worked by putting on a movie 
(it may have been the last Harry Potter...just saying) and we chatted some more.
I told him about the flower incident (I'm not sure why...sometimes I need to stop my incessant chatter!)
He told me I seemed like a really sweet girl.
Which got me wondering I really a sweet girl?
Then he kissed me.
And it was amazing!
We made out for a bit...and then I pulled away...giggling because I'm totally immature.
I just get really super nervous especially when I'm so worried about what he's thinking.
Admittedly I'm worried about dropping the SpencerBombshell.

But I'm thinking it needs to be done soon.
Before I start to fall for him to hard.
Because that's what I do.
Our next date is already on the calendar (I mentioned that here haha).
Maybe SpencerBombshellFriday.
I'm a little worried. 


  1. Everyone has a past. If he can't handle yours, he doesn't deserve you.

    Yay for making out. :)

  2. @A- That is very true :) Now I just need to grow some confidence to tell him it before I like him too much.