Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

So behind...

Pic from here
So behind...
So much to blog about...

  • Trip to Florida (and the mixed emotions that brought on)
  • Dates #1 and #2 with MrInvestor...who I'm debating changing his name to MrClarkKent because that is what he TOTALLY reminds me of.
  • Still texting/chatting to MrMD but haven't gone on another date with him.
  • I've been so exhausted from catching up on rest from FL that I haven't even logged on to no other dates.
  • This weekend I'm stuck in a continuing education thing that is very dry and leaving me even more exhausted!

And finally...the problem with dating the when someone had a single red rose delivered to my work with NO name on the card and a sort of cryptic message.  Pictures and details to come.

Will update soon!

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