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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"I can make you breakfast"...

So last night was my date with MrMD.
I was looking forward to it because I had fun on our first date.
And this post will be filled with my over thinking/analyzed ramblings.

We spoke earlier in the week and he asked when I could be downtown.
Which kind of made me a little annoyed.
Because it would be great if he picked me up (even if he does live right downtown and I live way out in the northeast) would be the gentlemanly thing to do but how do you suggest THAT to someone.
And in all reality any date that I want to go on (ie. fun restaurant etc.  EVERYthing is downtown...which is why I need to move there haha).

So I made my way down there and parked my car.
He did call me to meet me by the parking garage so he could escort me 
(so he is a gentleman).
He complimented me (which I loved) and told me "you make winter look good" (we have been having so much spring weather but yesterday was absolutely freezing and there was flurries drifting down as we walked to the restaurant).

I was overdressed in a black and white polk a dot wrap dress and red heels.
He was wearing jeans and a polo and running shoes.
Can I just vent a little and say how much I detest running shoes.
Even if they are the casual non athletic ones I do not like them one bit.
Jacob used to wear these horrible ones all the time so that may have a little influence on why I dislike them so much!
Moving on...though I feel bad because he did in fact apologize for being a little casually dressed.

So we went to dinner at a place called Lee
This place is by Susur Lee (a pretty famous chef who coincidentally has a restaurant in Singapore and Washington,DC also).
MrMD told me to get ready for a "flavour explosion in my mouth" I had to bite my tongue to keep from giggling because obviously my mind went to a not so nice place with that haha.

Chef Lee behind the Singapore Style Slaw which was DELICIOUS!  Pic from here
Loved the is certainly a happening downtown place...I loved it.
The food and cocktails and people watching was fabulous.
We shared three dishes together and we had great conversation though I'm afraid I was way too chatty.
That is my biggest difficulty I think...I can be way way too chatty.

So then the dinner bill comes and he picks it up.
So we cleared that hurdle...I think...
Then he asks the waiter to borrow a pen and starts scrawling something on the back of the receipt.
I must have been looking at him funny because he said that he used his business account because we did talk about our work.
And I was a little bothered by this.
Should I be bothered by this????
I obviously jump to the conclusion that he doesn't value my company enough to pay from his personal money...actually THAT is what I should have said/joked about...but of course I didn't.

So then he suggested we could go to a movie or go to a club.
I suggested a movie because a club may be hard to hear (though I guess in a movie you don't talk at all...hmmm maybe I was a little tipsy from my two drinks haha).
So when we realized it was close to 11:30 and going to a movie theater wasn't really an option he suggested we watch a movie at his place.
And I hesitated.

And then decided why the heck not.

His place was really pretty and modern.
And clean which is a definite good thing.

He gave me a tour and it also let me get to know him better.
From his tour I found out he paints (two landscapes of places he had traveled to), he is active (bike), he DJ's for fun (turntables evidence) and he has a nice eye for things (he had a bright red bench in his entrance I loved).  
So he opened a bottle of wine and put out some cheese/crackers/hummus.  
(I really liked that he was a good host).
And we started to watch The Muppets (yea that's what we picked).

Shortly after it started.

He kissed me.
And it was really nice.
But I pulled away a little with the excuse that I'm shy.
I just don't like to move fast at all.
So we alternated between talking/watching the movie/making out.
I'm wondering if sometimes he started to kiss me because I was chatting too much which is a DEFINITE possibility...oops.

The making out was really fun but anytime it was starting to move more towards lying down making out on a couch versus sitting up I sort of pulled away.
I am so SO terrible at not letting myself relax or simply enjoy the moment sometimes.
In all reality I'm 30 and a grown up and if I wanted to fool around a little I should.
But then I'm like hmmm it's a second date.
And let's face it I simply get attached a little to quickly.

He was sweet and told me that he had been looking at my EH profile for months hoping we would meet.
Maybe this is just an EH pick up line though.
So as the movie ended and the making out continued.
I said "it's late".
He said "I could make you breakfast"
I laughed and said maybe another time.

He drove me to my car and then I started to head home.
I do like him.
But I'm unsure and think maybe he isn't that into me.
Because I over think things like that.
Even if he did send me a test last night when I got home saying he had a great time.
Apparently I need a lot more assurance then I thought.

To be continued...I think.

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