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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Should be doing work...instead planning a weekend with Will

I'm supposed to be working on this work report.
Instead I have Will coming into town for sure this weekend from A2.
So so excited.

He should get in Friday evening.
I think he will join my friends and I at an NLL game 
(that's National Lacrosse League if you don't know now you know).

Then we are going to ONE restaurant.
A fancy schmancy Italian snobby place where you are sure to spot a celeb.
May or may not be the same restaurant I last ate with MrDentist (from this post here).
It's in Yorkville (same area where Taylor and I had our lunch before she flew back to Texas).

Saturday is St. Paddy's.
I have a green dress that I just got tonight.
Clearly needed.
So we will likely end up in a pub but first will fill our day with cheesy touristy Canadian things like perhaps a double decker bus tour (that I've been dying to do forever!) or the CN tower.

Sunday we will likely do brunch.

I need to figure out where.
Which is what I'm doing.
Instead of working on a report.

Priorities people.

So I JUST called Will to check about something because I'm so wired with all this fun planning!  Clearly!
Mainly to find out if he thinks he will get in town in time to attend the game  (ie. do I pick up the last remaining ticket in our row even though it is double the price I paid for mine) and I KNOW I shouldn't have let it ring like 6 times but it did and I think I TOTALLY interrupted him and his GF!!!!

At first I called him out saying "you better NOT be sleeping because you better be ready for an epic weekend of staying up late etc" when he says "ummmm no we were uhhhh just laying down" so I think I TOTALLY interrupted them...ughhh I could feel the heat rising to my face.
So embarrassed! So of course what do????

I just rambled and prattled on and on and on and ON stammering through and trying to get out what info I needed.
Even though I'm telling myself in my head "OH MY GOD Teagan get off the phone you're totally INTERRUPTING!!!!! Get off get off get off STOP talking"

I imagine it looked kind of like this...except with far less clothing.

I'm pretty sure she is not a big fan of me.
Just saying.
And that my friends is how you probably piss off a GF before her BF comes to visit a girl she has never met for the weekend in Canada.

Pic from here

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