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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Update with Will in Words

Usually I try and make my posts pretty and lovely and nice.
This whirlwind weekend will become a whirlwind post.
Because I just want to get it all down.
So it might be rambly and random but I don't really want to forget it.

I could be silly and say it was emotional because I had my period.
Well I did but it wasn't because of that.
Work sort of had me down this week.
I had taken on an extra bonus project 
(killing myself staying up until 1/2am some nights finishing it).
And turns out I'm not getting paid for it.
(I was told originally I would be in a certain way and now they are structuring it differently so I won't).  And it's a whole big ball of wax that I can't get into because work blog post I don't feel comfortable with at this point.

Anywho so Friday I got stuck late at work.
I was supposed to be at a NLL game Friday at 7:30 meet for dinner before hand at 5:30pm.
With Will coming in at about 8:30pm.
MY NLL ticket was $35 we got these a few weeks ago.
Well when I found out the timing of Will getting into town I realized the game would like go until 9:30/10 so I got him a ticket (which at the non-group rate in our row was $77!)

So I got stuck at work.
Until 8:30pm.
Will arrived at 8:00pm downtown.
My phone died at 7:18pm.
I don't work close to downtown on Fridays.

I was so terribly upset (mostly due to work) and now I was late and Will was wandering downtown and I had (once I plugged my phone into my car to charge) like 8 messages from the CanadaCrew about where the heck was I and my friend?
So I RUSHED downtown without makeup/jewelry/feeling any kind of okay.
By the time I met up with Will it was 9:40.
I had been so stressed my stomach was in knots.

So we missed the game (and I spent $100+ on unused annoying!)
We settled for a drink at Ki downtown.
Quickly caught up about work/life/love etc.

I was worried because I hadn't seen Will since the night before I moved to Singapore when he joined my family and I for dinner.
We catch up every few weeks/months but we quickly fell back into our regular banter and relaxed 

We had dinner reservations for 10:30pm at One in Yorkville.
We had a wonderful dinner.
Then we headed out to meet his two friends at The Drake.
Which was so much fun and playing SO much great music we were having a blast and danced the night away until close around 2am.

We then headed to my place.
And all stayed up drinking and chatting.
His two friends were staying in a guest suite in my condo (like a hotel room on the ground floor).
They went to bed at about 3:30am.
Will and I stayed up catching up and watching the first episode of season two of the Walking Dead that he got me hooked on.
So we were side by side on the couch and there was this 2 second little bit of awkwardness of me being jumpy and his hand settling on my knee and me being all butterflies/yet panicky like is his hand on my knee for an extended period?!  And is this weird because we had just talked about his gf who I'm not sure I really care for (because of how she treats him) but as quickly as these thoughts flashed through my head they disappeared and we were all the norm of our hang outs (I'm such an over analyzer sometimes!)
We finally forced ourselves to bed at 6am (I can't remember the last time I was up that late!)
And he slept on the couch in case you were wondering.

We woke up at 11am.
I cooked breakfast for the boys before we headed downtown.
Our plans were to go to the SteamWhistle Brewery in Toronto.
Val was set to meet up with us.
As was Jane and her husband and Eva and her husband.
Well on our way downtown we were told due to St.Patrick's Day there is no way we would get into SteamWhistle by Jane and Eva. 
So we waited on a suggestion.
Val suggested another pub called Madison Avenue Pub.
So we headed over there at about 3:30pm.

There was some kind of confusion though.

I had tried to call Jane around 1pm when we were heading out and didn't get through to her.
When I got through to her at 3pm she was driving from downtown to where Eva lives 
(about 45-60minutes from downtown).
I thought weird why would she do that.
Then I figured well to cut out the driving and I figured they were staying over night there.

So the boys and I settled into a booth at the Madison.
We grabbed a bite to eat and watch it steadily fill in with a TON of people 
(being St. Patty's and all).
So we wait and Val arrived at about 5:30pm.
She quickly comes over and we sort of commiserate on the weird change of plans and messages from everyone.
I had suggested SteamWhistle the other girls shot it down...then they seemed super irritated at us when we didn't have an alternative plan and then when we did have one they were being all weird like they didn't really want to come.
They made text comments about maybe going to grab real food (vs pub food) etc.
AND the more I'm thinking about it the more my blood is boiling!

At 4:27pm they were asking if we have a table to eat dinner at.
We did.  However there was 4 of us at that point (to be 5 when Val arrived).
And we were in one of the BUSIEST pubs in Toronto on St.Patty's day so saving all the space was darn near impossible.  
At 5:05pm they said "we are getting ready but it will take us awhile to get there".
And that's it.
Which drove us crazy because we were sort of trapped in place (saving the booth) when we wanted to roam around the HUGE place.
It is a cool place built between two big old homes so it is really interesting and fun to wander.
So instead we thought we better stay in the booth so they would have a place to sit if they wanted to eat.

Anywho they showed up at like 6:30/7pm and at that point we had to give up some space (but we had enough for all four of them to sit and eat and we would stand/roam the place)  because it was pretty much standing room only and SUPER busy at that point.
When they walked in the pub.  
Val and I immediately stood up and walked over TO THEM and I hugged each of them made some small chitchat (I alluded to the fact that my friends were at the booth (oh about 3 yards to the left) and then they headed directly to the bar.
Ummm YES that is what happened.
At first not a single one of them came over to say hi to my friends.
Let me clarify and just mention Jane knows Will from when she visited me in Dallas.
And part of the reason we tried to all get together was because Will and his friends were visiting.

I was so EMBARRASED and HUMILIATED as Will and his friends asked so are those the friends we've been sitting in this booth in for four hours waiting for???
So they proceed to find a place around the back corner of the bar.  
Actually I spotted the brief empty bar stools and suggested we grab them for them.
So they sat about 5 yards away from our little booth.
It was horrible.
Will and his friends were shocked at how it was going down.
Then I started coming up with excuses (maybe they wanted to find a place fast, maybe they thought you should come say hi first, maybe they are mad at me because of the decreased seating, maybe maybe maybe).  

So an hour goes by.
And can I mention how awkward it is???
Val at this point is sitting with them now.
And I was near tears at this point.
And we can see each other because we are less than 5 yards AWAY in direct line of view of each other!!!

So then Jane comes over to introduce herself to the guys.
And spends about 20 minutes chatting with them (thank goodness).
Then eventually her husband does too.
When he did I took some time to head over the Eva and her husband and Val.
Eva's husband asked me to ask Jane to come back to "their" area.
I sh*t you not.
He also tried to undo my bra.
Right in front of his wife Eva.
And it's like this type of behaviour is okay.
I swatted him away.
But I was seriously annoyed...I find that so so disrespectful. 
Seriously this is how the night was going down!!!! WTF!!!
So I headed back over to the boys with another round.
Jane and her husband headed back to "their" area.

So now we are trying to come up with a plan whether to leave or stay.
The boys wanted to leave but I didn't want to make anyone mad because after all they just got there about an hour and a half before!
So we debated about leaving what our plan should be etc.
I headed over to my "their" area to sort of feel out what everyone wanted to do.
Val had just ordered some food so they suggested we wait until she is done her food and we could all head out together...awesome hopefully everything would start to go more smoothly is what I was thinking.
So I get another round for us and we wait.
So probably another hour or so later.

Eva comes over for the first time to us. 
She says something along the lines of "hey everyone has started to make their rounds by so I guess it's my turn".
Will's friend couldn't hold it in any longer.
He retorted something along the lines of "oh HEY.  How long have you been here?  And NOW you come over? Weird."  And Eva stammered something out.
And I tried to make like it was just a joke.
But it was awkward.
And I was just trying to dig for something/anything to be able to change the direction of conversation.
So I tried to say "hey so Eva is my first roommate from college" then she corrected me how I was her second which is the case but at this point it was so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable it was AWFUL.

Then it got worse.

So I said..."hey so did we decide on brunch tomorrow".

Side note
(Let me back this up and say a few emails exchanged 
earlier in the week had gone out...
with me suggesting a cool place no one had ever been to
...then Eva suggesting another place 
that was further away (from Quinn and us)
 and when I didn't hear anything back by Wednesday
 I sent ANOTHER email saying with our big party 
I would really love to make reservations...
to ZERO response from ANYONE).
Quinn and her husband were set
 to join us all (
so to recap it would be Quinn, Quinn's husband, 
Quinn's baby, Jane and her husband, 
Eva and her husband, and me and the 3 boys...
Val had other plans already).

To which Eva said, 'yes actually we decided to do something in our area' (WE as in NOT myself and my friends) because 'Quinn wanted to see Jane and her husband since they haven't really since Christmas (ummm we did in January in Kingston) and we wanted to spend time with the baby'.

I was dumbfounded. 
And this all was said in front of Will and his 2 friends.
Who all had puzzled looks on their faces as they knew that we were supposed to be doing brunch all together the next day.

The night continued to unravel.
As we made plans to change locations.
Eva told me they were going to go home because "they're old".
So Val was planning on hanging out with us.
And FYI at this point Eva's husband STILL did not come over to say hello to my friends.

So as we were gathering our things to leave they instead decided to go have coffee in Yorkville and NOT to go home.
We only realized this as we were outside saying our goodbyes.
They didn't invite us, and didn't even mention it to us at all
(though I overheard the whispers on our way out of the pub).
And so then Val had to make a decision.
She went with them to Yorkville.

The crazy thing is me and the guys would have been so down for getting some food and coffee in Yorkville we just wanted a change in scenery.  

So I was so upset.
Me and the boys headed towards other bars.
We made a quick Dim Sum (not sure how you spell that) stop in Chinatown.
And refueled with food.
We had some great laughs and they were trying hard to cheer me up.
Then we headed out to another pub for some more St.Patty's day drinks.

This morning we woke up and had a FABULOUS brunch at Brassaii in King West area.
It was awesome.
And with that our weekend was over.
It was so great to see Will I've really missed him.
It was hard to say goodbye.

Then my parents came over again and I hung up some pictures and rearranged my bedroom and I feel almost 100% settled in my place.
I will have to update with photos etc but I just wanted to get it all out.
I'm officially EXHAUSTED and feel just wiped emotionally right now.

I just got a text from Quinn who said "I didn't realize we wouldn't see you at was your weekend with Will?"  Hmmm do I respond with "well I wasn't invited"....probably NOT a good idea if I want to avoid drama (And I do want to avoid drama).

I also just got a call from Val she called to apologize for last night and her ditching us.
We had a good conversation.
Without her saying it I don't think I fit in this group anymore.
Now "my large strong group of girlfriends" needs to be taken off the list for reasons to stay in Toronto.
Which is so incredibly sad and heartbreaking.
And combined with the sadness of a weekend trip with a long time missed friend being over...not going to kind of sucky.

Bet you didn't expect all of that drama in a weekend update!


  1. Ugh, DRAMA. What horrible behavior by your friends. Insane, really. You deserve to be treated better. And I know that you know that. xoxox

  2. @A- Thanks. So bummed. I think it was a bit in the making from previous experience but this was so overt and in front of other people it was humiliating. It totally stinks.

  3. I never stop being amazed at how drama filled our lives continue to be, even into our 30s. Shouldn't we be past treating people badly. I recently had a round of facebook mama drama that led me to delete three people from fb simply because I couldn't stand the drama they created. Then, I get an email from a third party that shows the first person, who started all the drama, wrote nasty things about me on her page accusing me of causing drama. I was floored, since I had NOTHING to do with the drama she created other than to ask her what she was talking about. Seriously, you are better off without people who treat you like that. I know it's hard to see sometimes though. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. @Liz- I know right? This is just craziness. I HATE drama and I don't get what the advantage is of being just plain unkind to someone. I don't even care for "humor" that is just making fun of others/picking on people. I just thought being here in Toronto would bring me closer to these girls...and now it kind of seems like this isn't the case at all.