Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Update

A busy but good weekend.
This week I had a crazy stressful week and was happy to see it fly by.
It has pretty much been non-stop and I wish I had taken more pictures.
Instead I just took a bunch right now to hopefully fill that void.
I need to get better about that because I find myself wishing I had more pics from earlier in the weekend.

On Friday Quinn drove up from the SC (it's like the OC only in southeastern Ontario haha) with her baby.
They were coming for a girl's sleepover.
Val and Eva joined us for drinks and snacks until the wee hours of the morning.

We just hung out listened to music and ate.
We had cheese, veggies, fruit (and of course wine!)
I wish I had taken pictures because I used my serving dishes.

Saturday morning Quinn and I brewed some yummy coffee.
And I made the same breakfast I made for Taylor when she came here in January.
(Read here if you missed it).

We hung out until midday when they left.
And my parents came into town.
They had made last minute plans to come here.
This was actually supposed to be the weekend I hung out with MissDentist (MrDentist's BFF) but she rescheduled for the 17th (well I she says she is rescheduling and I'm trying NOT to be paranoid that she just doesn't want to be my friend which I think would be just as bothersome as MrDentist disappearing...because I have this issue of wanting everyone to like me...AND the issue of making more cool girl friends ...I totally need to work on this in all aspects).

Anywho my parents came to Toronto with my dog.
We just had a low key night of pizza and a movie.
We rented Drive.
And y'all I didn't like it (and I love me some Ryan Gosling!)

It was one of those movies that I wasn't expecting to be like that.
I was expecting like The Italian Job or The Transporter kind of movie.
But it was SUPER graphic and violent.  
Think more like Kill Bill or a Quentin Territino (I cannot spell) flick.
And the trailer to me did not seem like this.
Here it is.

So we actually were all ready to go to sleep at 10.
So we did.
I air mattress-ed it up so my parents could have my room.
Haha the joys of a one bedroom apartment!

This morning we got up and had breakfast and headed out shopping 
(really what else are my parents and I going to do?)
I got these beauties from my FAVOURITE store Restoration Hardware.

I got this chair last week.
Awesome right?
I got it from my least favourite store...Wal-Mart.
But it does the job and at $148 for a slipper chair well worth it!

The pillow fits PERFECTLY I was so excited when I realized this...after I already bought it haha.

This little guy has been kicking it around on my desk I also got him last week.
I think the folks at YoungHouseLove got me on the craze of white ceramic animals.
Owls are near and dear to my heart though.

I want to share with you some amazing things from Taylor that she brought for me when she came to visit.
Seriously she is that amazing that she also brought a gift when her coming was a gift in itself.
Gorgeous right?
Now I just need not to procrastinate and get photos of us in them.
Tay I did attempt to umm mend the beautiful candleholder...
however everyone says they love my candlesticks (which works out great!)

My parent's have just returned from Portugal (for my grandfather's anniversary mass).
And they brought back this from his house.
My grandfather was in the military in Rhodesia.
It obviously is very special for me to have this.
I miss my grandfather very much.

Of course my parents don't leave here without fully stocking my fridge and bar.

Seriously I am so spoiled!
I'm such a lucky girl.
My parents also got me this jewelry armoire from Bombay.
Which apparently was a brand managed out of Fort Worth Texas before closing all US chains.
It is still pretty popular and big here up in Canada though.

They had a sale today so instead of it being $676.87 it was on sale for total of $399. 
It actually reads a lot darker then this pic which is good for my other dark furniture.

It won't be in for 2 weeks but I will show you it when I'm done.
My parents did NOT like my current jewelry organization.

Then we stopped by Joe Fresh which is one of my FAV stores also.
And I got some of these basics.
This I can't wait to wear when I go to my parent's new home in Florida.

Did you catch that?
Yes my parents just bought a home in Florida.
Where Spencer lives...I get it Florida is a big state but umm its a little close for my panicky self...thoughts of running into him on the beach me feeling chunky him with his new fab girlfriend/fiancee/wife....ughhhhh!

My parents invited me there for Easter weekend.
And they actually invited Taylor to join us too.
Anyways let me move on before I start to panic about the whole thing.
Ughhhh...out of all the FREAKING states to live in...I need to move on.

I also got some basic Cardigans (I'm obsessed with cardigans I love how they look so preppy).
And at $16 each you really cannot beat that pricing (and JoeFresh is amazing quality!)

And this chambray dress $29.

Which I cannot wait to pair with a skinny belt and to get a pair of cowboy boots when I visit Dallas in a few months!
This dress is perfect to wear when I go to visit Taylor.

So did y'all have a great weekend?
Now I'm just getting all set for the work week to begin.
And I NEED to get on the ball for things like signing onto that dating account and get going on that again.
Because I know y'all are dying for more Mr_____ stories I right?!
And in case you're wondering I haven't heard a peep from MrDentist...but I'm trying not to think about that anymore.


  1. SO excited for our FaceTime date tonight!!!

  2. Where in Florida? My parents live in Vero Beach (t's on the east coast) and that's where I grew up.

  3. @AnEarly30- Delray Beach (I fly into West Palm airport if that helps slightly for geography)...will you be around there Easter weekend by any chance? And is that anywhere close? I suppose I can go google it :)