Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm back...e-dating that is.

Y'all just wanted to update you.
I'm back on the proverbial horse.
Back to making dates.

Just got off the phone.
Had a great conversation with MrMD (because MrDoctor has already come and gone).
Well no.
Here's the low down what happened with MrDoctor.
He went to India for 6 weeks and got back in February.
And he texted me.
To invite me indoor rock climbing with him and his friends tonight.
I declined.
Because either I'm his "buddy" or he wants to introduce me to his friends.
And I'm ready for neither.

I need to be a LOT more picky then I was previously.
So first date back.
MrMD this Sunday.

I'll give you an update after it happens.
He has started off on the right foot.
He told me I had the best smile and pictures he has ever seen on EH.
And they aren't even bikini pics haha.

Either way I'm going to just sit back and enjoy it.
Because last time I was all "playing the field" it let me be more open to meeting someone.
Even if MrDentist turned out to sort of be a jerk.

So in honour of this...
One of my new fav songs that I like to listen to when get ready for a date.


  1. Yay! Good for you, girlie.

  2. "... it let me be more open to meeting someone..." YAY!!! Great outlook!! Have fun on your date and don't stress about it!