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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Much More Music...

File under more Canadians to pay attention to
This girl won a contest last year for covering this song...Danyka Nadeau

That was in her dorm room in the TDot.
She won last year and here is the new commercial for this year which I'm OBSESSED with!
She is phenomenal in it.

So some Canadian translation for you MuchMusic was our Canadian Music channel.
As in I did NOT grow up with MTV.
Practically tragic right?
I remember going on trips to the USA with my family and being so so so excited to watch MTV.

Once in high school my girlfriend and I were in New York visiting her family and we spent HOURS watching a marathon of RoadRules which we thought was the coolest show ever!
So eventually MTV made it's way to Canada and I think they bought out MuchMusic and now kids can watch Jersey Shore/The Hills/The Real World/Teen Mom and all that jazz to their heart's content.
But sometimes the old MuchMusic slips in there.

Turns out she covered Carly Rae Jepson's song...the one I wrote about here.
With two guys from UofToronto.
This is so good for a dorm room again!

So 2012 Covers Contest has started.
And she has her new EP of original songs coming out.
And I'm digging it.
And this first part of the video is shot right my work.
As in I drive past this every single day.
This video is actually clips of 4 songs.

This EP looks good right???
I love music.
Can't wait to see who wins this year.
The winner is announced at the Junos aka Canada's version of the Grammy's
(read here if you missed it when I went last year!)
More contest details here.

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