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Monday, March 19, 2012

I hate this part right here.

From here

I'm so pissed!
I'm irritated.
I think Taylor said it best to me today when she sent me the above quote.

I am so SO hurt how things went down this weekend.
I am still floored.
And bummed.

And I'm mad.
I'm mad how Eva's husband conducts himself.
I wish I didn't feel like he is just a SUCKY person.
I'm mad that NO one stuck up for me that nights of the girls.
I'm mad that I'm going to be the one forced to confront this situation.
I'm mad that this is likely forever going to change the dynamic of my friendship with the Waterloo girls.
I'm mad that when it comes down to drawing the line.
I have a feeling I know which side all the girls will go.
Because isn't that how it works.
A line is draw.
Sides are chosen.
And this feels oddly reminiscent of the Hills.

And because I don't have a video montage.
I will borrow this one that seems to really really fit.

I really do hate this part right here.

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