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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The past 24 hours has been weird.
Totally weird.

I heard back from that job offer.
The one involving the sketchy colleague.
I briefly had mentioned it and I'm not sure if it is the right move for me.
And I arranged a meeting for Monday (no harm in checking it out right?...maybe??? I don't know!)

Then today I had a big meeting in my head office.
When I walked into the meeting it was BigWig#1 BigWig#2 and BigWig#3 a rather intimidating bunch.
I really can't get into what they do but suffice to say they are true BIGWIGS.

Anywho how awkward was it when I recognized BigWig#3...
He was the other guy of the "couple" at that dinner from this post.
As in a second colleague and I sat beside and chatted on and on with the person I thought was his wife.
And let me tell you...
It was NOT his wife.

So as we are sitting in this meeting where I'm supposed to be showing off my knowledge...
instead I'm thinking...oh GOSH...he is going to tell MrDentist he saw me today and the other work colleague....I should have dressed better...this is weird that I know he has a mistress...this is so weird...I wonder if he even recognizes me (in my Clark Kent glasses nerdy button down and slacks versus straight hair/contacts/cocktaildress/heels from that dinner).

So just as things I think are going ok.
BigWig#2 points out a feature of a tool...and used the comparison of "well using these settings would be like using it on you (BigWig#3) versus her.  She has 4" of fat to go through" (now although NOT appropriate BigWig#2 was referring to a sales rep that had just presented).
BUT THEN BigWig#3 turns to me and says..."no offense Teagan".

I paused.
And swallowed hard.
He just basically called me out and basically stated I was obese.
Then BigWig#2 says "I wasn't referring to Teagan I was referring to the sales person!"
I felt the blood continue to pool in my face.
Great he (BigWig#3) thought that reference was to me AND then pointed that out to BigWig#1 and BigWig#2!!!!!!!!

I tried to laugh it off like "wow guess I should get to the gym tonight" haha.
Only I was trying NOT to cry.
All these comments were just SO terribly mean!

So of course the whole day I keep thinking about him over beers with the work colleague and MrDentist..."...yea and then I called Teagan out for being fat!"
And I cringe inside.


  1. Okay, the HR side of me wants to scream "harrassment" and the regular me side of me wants to punch him in the face. Either way that's bs! I think you should DEFINITELY try to speak about the other job.

  2. OMG girl!!! I agree with Early30, only there's no HR side of me, so I just want to punch him in the face!! What a narcissistic d*ck!!!!

    PS I'm so sorry I've been less commenty lately. I've been reading and feeling for you :( but that's about all the time I've had lately to sit in front of the computer and do. I've been wishing I could text you instead since my phone is closer to me these days!!

  3. @AnEarly30- Yes I think this meeting Monday evening should be interesting!

    @PSD- worries about being less commenty :) Do you have whatsap? That's how I text Taylor and I know it works with BB and iPhones (because texting back and for to the US is crazy expensive!) If you do have whatsap let me know so we can start texting away I would LOVE that. Miss you xo