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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cluck Cluck

So yea I avoid confrontation.
I still haven't responded to Eva's email (here).
And as I'm sitting here doing laundry and having a quiet day in catching up on work from the week.

I hear my phone text message alert go off.
And I'm such a nerd I can freely admit it is "Rue's call" ringtone.
The tri tone at the end of the trailer if you don't know what it is.

So speaking of the hunger games.
I got this text from Eva
"Have you gone to see the Hunger Games yet???? :)"
I've never heard from her at such a high frequency in one week.

The crazy thing is this increased amount of communication is all I've ever wanted.
I want close relationships with the girls in Toronto.
I want to have tons of texts back and forth and fun emails and get togethers.

So in all honesty I'm probably going chicken out on confronting the situation.
And I'll probably just write something nice back to her.
Something like "no not yet I'm so excited because I hear only great things :)"
Or do I let her know that Val and I have plans to see it tonight and invite her along???

Y'all I'm such a chicken.
Cluck McF*ckity Cluck.
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  1. No reason to invite her along because you already have plans with Val. The response you suggested is just fine. I'd be cautious...don't want you to get burned again.