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Monday, March 12, 2012

Taming 2 Wild Beasts

Y'all my eyebrows were OUT of control!
So I had to do what was needed.
Head back to the Benefit Brow Bar at Murale.
(Taylor and I went here for her first brow wax experience).

So I thought I would be brave and share some eyebrow before and afters.
Well with fuzzy iPhone pics.

So before...

Seriously y'all can you see the unmaintained ridiculousness I had going on.
Plus my left eye looks really round...look how weird the eyelid looks!

And here is the after.

As soon as I put this pic in this post...I started to panic.
Because in the picture it looks totally uneven.
BUT eyebrows are sisters not twins...AND she did it to suit my way uneven face.
I know I know I'm a tough critic.

Anywho so I tried to take two more pics to show you how they actually do look good.



And I cannot believe I just included 4 eyebrow pictures in a blog post.
I swear they don't look as uneven etc as they are appearing currently.
The look normal with a full face picture I SWEAR!!!

Random side note I LOVE the smell in Murale.
It is so fresh and clean.
Unlike Sephora (which I love) but depending on when you go in there the strong perfumy smell is enough to bring on a headache sometimes!

I'm so so excited because I have a hair appointment on Friday too.
Bye bye super long black roots.
I am so looking forward to this weekend because Will is coming up from A2 
(LOVE that nickname by the way and I'm totally going to use it from now on).

And I'm only going to say this because the thought flicked through my brain tonight.
Why am I getting all "prepared" looks wise for this weekend all of a sudden...
Weird...very weird.

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