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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tay's Guest Post...of our Toronto Weekend!

Let's all welcome Taylor and her first guest post on my blog...which is really me cutting and pasting from her blog because I'm too lazy when there is already this incredible post about it!  Some photos have been edited because I'm not quite up to the face showing stage of blogging...without further ado here is Tay's post on...
Taylor & Teagan Take Toronto

So after WAY too long between visits, 
I arrived to Canada to this GORGEOUS beauty:

We headed straight to her fabulous brand new condo,
where we sat and gabbed and giggled and gossiped for HOURS,
over a couple glasses of red wine,
until FOUR am.

The next morning we slept in,
Teagan made us a delicious HUGE home made apple cinnamon pancake,
with real canadian maple syrup,
and yummy coffee

(She's an amazing bestie!)

And we sat in our PJs and watched old clips of So You Think You Can Dance,
and other You Tube videos,
all day long.

And it was SO fun.

Around 4pm we decided we needed to get our booties up and get ready.
So we created a soundtrack for our weekend,
blared it through her speakers,
and sat and put on makeup and did our hair,

All while sipping Kir Royals.


Our first stop of the night was dinner at The Black Hoof.
A fun, unique place that Teagan found for us.
It's a charcuterie, where they serve very.....different....things.
Like horse, and tongue, and sweet breads, and brain, etc.

Gordon Ramsey raved about this place.

So, we gave it a shot.
What better bestie memories than eating brain??  haha

When we arrived there was a wait,
so we walked across the street to their bar.

Which was SO cute!
Totally my kind of bar.
Small and quaint, gorgeous decor, jazz music, and a great atmosphere.

Lavender Hound for Teagan
Flower of Peru for me.
(you know me and Pisco Sours!)

We attempted a self-portrait,
but the front camera came out so grainy,
and the back camera came out so dark.
(and it was way too close of a pic to use the flash!)
As we were almost finished with our drinks,
the restaurant called and our table was ready.

Over two glasses of pinot grigio we picked our dinner selections,
laughing and cringing the whole time
The restaurant was TINY!
Eight tables - all two-tops.

And the kitchen was ITTY BITTY!
I looked over and started laughing because the stove was one you would find in a home.
A white, four electric coil range with attached stove.
Typical apartment fare - and SO funny to see at a place like this!

In this pic, the kitchen starts at the break in the bar and ends at the left-hand side of this pic.
And thats IT for the kitchen.

The menu:
written on a chalkboard on the wall.

We started off with the house cured meats.
Left to right: duck prosciutto, beef salami, beef tongue bologna, beef summer sausage, and I forgot the last one.  But I think it was beef. 

We went left to right in tasting them, skipping the tongue and trying that last.

We toasted out tongue and took a bite.
I struggled with it bc of my head telling me it was tongue.
But after getting over that, I had a couple more bites.

All in all it was good but the tongue was both of our least favorite and not because it was tongue.
It just tasted like bologna.

My favorite was the summer sausage one.

Next dish:
smoked sweetbreads.

These were popular in Argentina, but I was too chicken to try them.
I'm glad I finally got to here,
and they were DEELISH!!

Our third dish was dungeness crab papprdelle.
It was topped with a duck egg yolk.

This was divine!

Our last item was the lamb neck and eggplant, but due to the time it took to bring the dishes one by one (small kitchen?), we ran out of time and had to go, so we cancelled that dish.

But it was fine, because we were full and had eaten enough "weird" foods for the night.

So then it was off to the Thompson Hotel.

One of Teagan's acquaintances (soon to be maybe more...wink wink), has access to the rooftop bar, her favorite spot in Toronto.

We arrived before they arrived,
so we had a couple glasses of bubbly at the lobby bar,

And halfway through, they showed up,
so when we finished, we headed to the top.

We weren't even there very long,
which was unfortunate, because I, too, LOVED the place.

The group wanted to go to a hip, new, happening club called Bloke & 4th.
So off we went.

We arrived to a MAD HOUSE.
And because of who we were with,
walked straight to the door,
and in to our table in the VIP.

We hung out there the rest of the night,
her and I laughing and dancing,
and just having a blast.

It was SO great being out with my bestie again.

The next day we slept in (again).
We finally got up and at 'em in time for lunch.

We headed to a nearby mall where we ate at Jack Astors.
I was SO excited to eat something so cliche-ly Canadian.  hehe

Burger and fries for Teagan
Fish and chips for me.

REALLY good!
Especially after a night of drinking.
(esp when you aren't used to liquor anymore and had 2 vodka drinks - blech.)

Then it was off to get our brows professionally done.
We went to Murale (kind of like their version of Sephora but the inside is nicer and less chaotic...kind of like duty free at the airport.)

There, we each got our brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar.
SO fun!

It was the first time I have ever had anything or anyone touch my eyebrows and I just LOVE it!
Being so blonde its almost impossible to even notice a difference,
but I can tell!

We then did a little more shopping.
Roots - to buy some goodies for The Architect
Aritzia - to buy goodies for Teagan and myself

We then headed back to her condo and decided to forgo another night out.
We, instead, ordered takeout Chinese and watched the Golden Globes at the theater in the lobby of her condo.

Perfect night!

The next day was the day I had to leave.
It just went too dang fast.

We headed to Yorkville for lunch,
and found an adorable italian spot.

We started with a bottle of pinot grigio,

then moved on to their in-house marinated olives,
and oven baked asiago.


For our entrees:

I had the pumpkin ravioli

and Teagan had the fettuccine bolognese

And just like that it was time to go to the airport.
Where I fought back tears trying so hard not to cry.
I hate living so far from such a perfect friend.
I just love her to death.

But on a positive note,
its SO fun visiting her in such a FABULOUS city!!!

I heart Toronto!!!

Teagan,  did I miss anything???

 Not at all Tay...not at all!
Love ya lots...come back super soon 'kay?


  1. Already read this over on Taylor's blog, but I have to say the hearts made me laugh in a good way. Love it - much better than blurred out or black squares!

  2. I love reading these posts over and over wishing to re-live it all!! I'm SO excited for our next one!!!

  3. @PSD hahaha I like the hearts too!
    @Tay- Yes to re-living our AMAZING weekend :) Next one needs to get on the books soon. Hopefully after a little self confidence from my MON_TUE trip coming up!