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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Business or Pleasure?

So I know I di not mention in detail about being confused about work.
Being confused in the sense that at my work Christmas party (read here
I was given some "advice".
Of who to be in the "know" with or at least who I should try and spend time with to advance my career.  One thing to mention my work is a total old school boys club.

So a few days prior I get this text message from a colleauge something along the lines of...
'a bunch of the boys are going out Tuesday night if you are interested'
So I suck it up and say "great I'm in".

Tuesday arrived and in the morning my colleague messaged me saying that a couple of the guys were sick and cancelled but we could still grab dinner and discuss business.
I hesitated for a second because in my gut I was worried.
So he made reservations for us at Harbour60, an incredible steakhouse in Toronto.
It was gorgeous and in an incredible heritage building right downtown.
He is definitely someone who is "connected" as was evident that whole night.

The food was wonderful.
Here is a sample of the steak...perfectly done.

From there we went to the Thompson Hotel.

We grabbed a drink in the super trendy lobby bar and then waited for others to get there to get into the upstairs bar.

You need a special card to gain access.
It is a gorgeous super duper trendy hotel.
And this bar reminded me of Ghost Bar in Dallas.
Actually the hotel seems very similar to the W in Dallas.
Hotel with residences also.
If you're a resident, hotel guest or a "lounge member" you get access.
Super trendy, incredible view of the city and people who are very very well connected.

We even saw a Canadian celebrity there.
No not Justin Bieber but Kevin O'Leary from Dragon's Den...if you live in the US you may know the show as Shark Tank.

Of course I was way too nervous to actually try and introduce myself to him and say I'm a fan.
So I just geeked out and was very giddy.
And y'all here's a confession.
I LOVE places like this.
I love the exclusivity, the excitement, the entertainment of it all!

Maybe when it actually comes down to it I'm a snob.
I like that everyone is dressed up and it seems like a scene right off of GossipGirl.
The dresses and shoes and purses alone at the bar are a fashion show in itself!
And I love it.
A lot of people may think it is pretentious...but you guys it is so SO fun.
Partly because it seriously took me back to some SERIOUSLY amazing memories with Taylor at GhostBar dancing to DJ AM shouting lyrics while dancing our butts off on the dance floor.
Taylor in her bright pink dress me in one of blue.
I'm getting sidetracked reminiscing ...anywho....

Now I'm sort of just tap dancing around what I want to say.
There are some people that run in crowds.
They seem connected to all the cool places and have a lot of money to burn.
And I'm baffled why, on a Tuesday they want to be out until 2am with vapid shallow women instead of at home with their wife and children.
And that's all I'm going to say because it isn't my story to tell.
I did actually have a great time.
I loved experiencing that area of Toronto.
And nothing inappropriate was ever directed at me whatsoever but there were underlying things going on between others that put a little knot in my stomach.
I'm way over thinking it I know.
But that is how I ended up getting home at 2:30am on Wednesday and have been burnt out the entire rest of this week.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with loving that! You're young, single and live in a fabulous city so LIVE IT UP!!!

  2. I'm trying to definitely appreciate living in Toronto more and taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves for sure :)