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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Teagan and the Russian

Okay I know it may be confusing but I'm officially changing MrAccountant to MrRussian.
Okay so MrAccountant MrRussian. 
If you need the background I'm going to try and keep it short and simple but with lots of pictures to make you think I'm a good blogger haha.
If you forget our first date read here

Our second official date was not last Sunday but the Sunday before.
We had breakfast at Eggsetera downtown.
(Can't find one single pic on the internet!)

Followed by exploring St. Lawrence Market downtown.

Pics from here
Think part antique shopping/part actual marketplace.

Then we walked along until we found a small bookstore to explore.
I immediately fell in love with it and it reminded me of Meg Ryan's bookstore in You've Got Mail.  Even had perfect squeeky hardwood floors!

Seriously how perfect is this's my new favourite find in the city.
Pic from here and here.

Then we walked to the skating rink downtown to people watch.

Pic from here.

Then we checked out a small exhibit showcase going on.
It was titled Architeture Too Tall?  And had some interesting things on exhibit.
I have to admit part of the reason I was interested was so I could collect the pamphlet to give to Taylor to give to her husband in case he would be interested.  Haha I'm a total nerd.

Pic from here.

Then we grabbed a  coffee and chatted some more.

Pic from here.

Before checking out Chagall's exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Which included works from Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde: Masterpieces from the Collection of the Centre Pompidou-Paris. 

Pic from here and here.

Okay and now it's my turn to geek out here.
I totally was hoping to come across some strange exhibit like with a ladder of knives hahaha.
Seriously how much was this date was starting to mirror that episode of Sex and the City with my very own Russian.

Pics from here and here.

Did you miss it? here is them meeting... well as long as this video remains on youtube that is haha I love Sex and the City.

It was a perfectly nice Sunday.

We hung out again on Thursday evening a week ago.
A great dinner at Pizzeria Libretto.

Pics from here, here, here.
INCREDIBLE pizza and wine.

We had some great chats about many things.

And guess what?!?!?!?!

I told him about being pseudomarried before (but without getting into the details of Spencer).
In fact as my heart raced and I stared down at my hands nervously wringing each other.
I mumbled something about "yes I guess you can't really judge someones past...I've been married before.  Long story short we were together it was to assist us with paperwork/immigration and since we were engaged and essentially going to be married anyway it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Only he changed his mind and then what seemed like a good idea actuallly wasn't."
He understood and I think it made him feel better about his own situation.
He dropped me off then at the new bar for me to meet with some colleauges from work that I discussed in this post here.

Yesterday we went to the home opener of the Raptors game.

Pics from here.

It was the season home opener which was cool because they gave away some stuff like t-shirts/towels.  And the Bieb's was there (see here).
I also thought it was EXTREMELY cool that the captain of the team came out and thanked the fans and essentially apologized for the lockout prior to the game beginning.
And yup the intro song is from Drake (LOVE)...

Can I also geek out and say that I LOVE announcing of starting lineups.
I know I know I'm SUCH a cheerleader...but it gives me goosebumps EVERY time.
At half time Kardinal Official performed.

Don't know who he is?
You must NOT be Canadian then.
Do you remember my post here???  He is the artist that sang that song...

Anywho I did kind of feel bad for him.
Here he was performing and midway in the third quarter of the game they present Justin Bieber with his very own jersey....and NADA NOTHING for Kardinal Official!

After the game we went to Joe Mama's where we listened to live jazz and drank wine and ate appetizers.

Pic from here  Doesn't this look EXACTLY how you think a jazz bar would look?
And we talked and talked.

I felt myself really opening up to him.
It is sort of this weird flux where sometimes I am totally comfortable and sometimes there is that awkwardness there.
Sometimes I look at him and think he is quite handsome and I feel quite happy.
Other times I find myself wondering if I could see myself with him and I feel quite unsure.
Sort of a mixture of feelings all at once.

When he dropped me off at home, he asked if he could kiss me and he did.
And it was sweet and nice.
I'm just not sure 100% how I feel about it all.
He is really nice and is treating me really well.
And that may be all I need.

Sometimes I do find it difficult with his stutter/stammer...part of me wonders if it is a translation thing as well (his first language being Russian).  It makes me want to throw in Season 6 of Sex in the City to watch Aleksandr Petrovsky to see if this occured at all.  His accent does totally remind me of Aleksandr. 

I am also purposely trying NOT to rush into anything.
But I'm wondering if some of the passion isn't there...and how important is that anyway?
Is it something that can develop?

I do have to say right now I'm at least interested in spending some more time together.
But I don't want to feel pressured to rush into anything (he knows this).
I admit I've also been slacking with the eharmony dating website.
I think I may need to force myself to keep it up a little longer...go on a few more first dates...and see what is out there...besides what's the rush?
So that is the update with MrAccountant MrRussian.

I'm feeling very... pensive...and very excited to see the girls this weekend for our New Year's Eve Celebrations at Eva's house.
Just what I need.

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