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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oops I forgot my own Blogiversary!

I don't care what anyone says.  I love Kim Kardashian.  I identify with her and her search for love.  She makes me feel so much better about my own booty shape.   I love her style, fashion and makeup.  And hey I also turned 30 this year so I felt like this picture was perfect.

Hey now how did that happen?
I totally forgot my own blogiversary.
Officially I opened this account on December 1st (but had some backdated postings).

So even though I'm a few days/2 weeks late let's take a look back and some instant stats.

One year-ish.
Here are the stats from my stats today...

419 posts
Pageviews today 17
Pageviews yesterday 50
Pageviews last month 1,301
Pageviews all time  11,446
I have 8 followers which is so super exciting!  I never thought I would have that many :)

I love following blogs I have a few favourites.
The great writers make you feel like you know them or at least you can relate.
They inspire me.

In all seriousness one year ago I was in a really dark scary place.
Taylor had been on me for a while to start blogging.
I kept procrastinating.
But sometimes when I felt the lowest of the low...I would come on here and blog.
Sometimes about frivalous materialistic things, sometimes about a movie I had watched, sometimes about family drama, and sometimes just about how badly I hurt.

The comments from you readers have uplifted me, made me laugh, made me smile and gave me hope.
While I'm not completely there least I'm moving in the right direction.
It's funny I just pulled up my first blog post ever...(read here).
I didn't know how long this blogging thing would last.
I still don't.
But it helped get me to today.
Which is a lot better then the alternative.

Though I have come far this year...I haven't come far enough.
So I take a deep breath and plow into this next year.
Not knowing where I will be when I post my 2nd Blogiversary (hopefully on time).
But knowing that I will be okay.
And I can't even begin to explain how huge of deal that is.

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