Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guess who else was also at the Raptors home opening game last night beside moi?

This guy.

Yup Justin Bieber.
Is it bad to say that I totally picked him out before they even showed him on the big screen?
I was scanning the courtside seats hoping for a cool local celebrity sighting.
Come on Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling or Drake.
It was still pretty cool to see Justin Bieber there and the response of all the young girls.
Will update later on this whole rest of the night.

Pics from here


  1. Justin Bieber! hahahaha! That's so awesome. I know a lot of 14 year olds who are very, very jealous. ;)

  2. It was fun to see him there. In general at least he seems like a good kid and hasn't pulled a Lohan yet. There was a girl (probably about 14) sitting 2 rows in front of us trying to take pictures with her dad's zoom lens camera of Bieber...while drinking a chocolate milk. It was a pretty awesome sight haha! Puppy love so cute. There definitely was a buzz in the crowd for sure :)