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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday Night Second Date Fail

Okay so Saturday night was my 2nd date with MrEngineer.
You can read about our first date here if you missed it.
We had been playing a little phone tag (ie. I was debating on whether to actually go on a second date with him or not).

He suggested a place called the Queen Mother Cafe in a cool part of town.
This sounded so completely perfectly British and cool how could I not go.
Plus he said they made awesome Sangria (ummm hello super sold!)

So I threw on a cute outfit and headed downtown via bus than subway.
This was interesting to say to least. 
I took a picture as evidence of my journey.

This perspective is from the bustop and you can see my condo in the background.
Not to far of a walk but darn it sure was cold.
And here is the following picture of why I avoid taking buses.
Because people ruin it.
Seriously so super duper disgusting.
Yes that is EXACTLY what you think it is.  So now I will stand outside the shelter because I'm gagging now just looking at this photo.

So I made it to the place.
He was dressed cute (button up and jeans).
And let's confirm...yup definitely taller than him in flats.
The place seemed so cool and trendy.
It was bustling with couples and groups of friends.

So from the name of the place you would expect British fare...nope.  The menu was full of Thai/Laos/Asian/Italian Food.  Unexpected and delish!

They had tons of mixed seating which I found eclectic and cute.  I loved the dark shiny tuffted benches.

This area seemed prime location for people watching in the busy street.

I loved the intimacy and coziness of this super high single person benches.

We sat in this area which was fun because it acutally gave us a view of...

This huge window!  We even watched a Santa pub crawl make it's way by the window.

We order a litre of sangria and some of the most delish food I've had to date.
I had there Ping Gai which was incredible.
 Don't know what it is...Ping Gai. Tender boneless chicken marinated with garlic, coriander and black peppercorns, grilled crispy and served with a spicy lime and coriander dipping sauce, salad and steamed rice.
See below.  I haven't eaten something like this since Singapore.
I was in heaven!

The conversation was flowing and I found myself enjoying his company.
We even had a few semi serious conversations about (his) past relationships.
He also discussed about how he would like to take me to a few places but didn't know if I would be overwhelmed with fancier places (ummmm no way).
He is also headed to Napa over the holidays so we had a ton to discuss as it is one of my (and one of my besties favourite places).

Then the bill came.
And he looked at it and then looked at me.
So I said, "ummm do you want me to pay for this?"
He said, "sure".
Again I was STUNNED.

Who asks a girl out AND picks the place AND simply stares when the bill comes?!
And y'all it was a hundred dollar dinner.

So then we head to the movies as planned.
I'm obviously perturbed a little at this point.
We go to try and get tickets to Mission Impossible which was sold out.
So we decide on the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
I included the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

And y'all before the movie started he complained THREE times about the tickets being $16 each!!!
In my head I was like ummm yea well dinner was $100...
And before you ask no he didn't even offer to get us drinks/overpriced snacks at the movies.

So at the end of the movie he was like how are you planning on getting home.
I told him I planned on taking the subway (well especially NOW after the expensive dinner).
Then he said if I was willing to take a cab home then we could grab some drinks.

At that point I said it was getting quite late and should jump on the subway.
He did have the courtesy of walking me to the subway and asking the attendent if I would for sure make it with my transfer of trains (which was actually really nice of him).
So I rode the subway home.

He called me today because he will be flying out tomorrow and gone for two weeks.
This will give me some time to hopefully sort of back off because to be honest...MrEngineer has been sort of disappointing.
I know I've probably watched way too many romantic comedys in my time but y'all I REALLY want to be pursued and swept off my feet. 
I want that heady sort of semi drunk feeling of falling hard for someone (without the shocking reality of disappointment after re: Spencer; he certainly swept me off my feet and I landed promptly on my a$$ when he bolted).

I want to be treated like a lady. 
I'm not looking for a sugardaddy.
Those who know me in real life know that I tend to spoil the guy I'm with rotten.
I work hard for my money but I also like to treat the person I'm with.
I just thought there would be a little more gentlemanly courtesy this early on.

And right now MrEngineer just isn't cutting it.
So I think I need to cut him from the list.
I just really suck at that.

Pics from here here here here


  1. Call me old fashioned, but I still think the guy should pay for the meal, especially since he did the asking. If you've dated for awhile and he's paid every time, then you get to offer to pay. At the very least, he should have offered to split the bill. Sounds to me like you're not that interested anyhow, so that along with the fact that he's willing to go to fancy places but will expect you to pay for them is not a good sign.

  2. @Liz- agreed. And how funny he has emailed me twice (from his holiday in Napa (seriously it's not like he is hurting for money obviously!) and texted...sigh ughhhh boys!