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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturday and Sunday Date Report Cards

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I think given the multitude of first dates occuring I need to develop some type of report card.
But what they don't know can't hurt them.

So here it goes.
Though I give myself the privalege to change the score card at any given point in time.

Name:  MrAccountant
Day: Saturday
Type of date:  Dinner and Drinks
Restaurant: Non-chain
Conversation: Good
Looks:  Cute, dressed well (dress shirt/blazer/jeans).
World Traveller: Check
Higher Education: Check
Who picked up the tab: He did
Compliments:  During the conversation he said I was a beautiful smart woman :)
Notes/Quirky Things:  Originally from Eastern Europe.  He seemed to have a stutter but when he calls or leaves messages he doesn't.  Attribute it to nervousness?  He seemed really sweet.  Doesn't seem super athletic but does mixed martial arts on a regular basis.
Second Date:  Yes
Follow Up:  Next day phone call on his part.
Grade: B+

Name:  MrDitcher
Day: Sunday
Type of date:  Dinner and Drinks
Restaurant: Chain.  Actually 2nd choice chain.  His original choice was closed down.  So much for advanced planning etc.  And I realized this when I googled the address and had to let him know this.  (Obiously minus points).
Conversation: OK a few missed jokes and slight awkwardness.
Looks:  Cute.
World Traveller: Nope not really a traveller.  He has been to an all inclusive resort (one of my least favourite types of travels) one time.
Higher Education: Undergraduate degree only and not very worldly
Who picked up the tab: He did
Compliments:  Called me little red riding hood because of my red that a compliment or am I reaching???
Notes/Quirky Things:  Lived at home until a few months ago.  Misses living at home, which is slightly disappointing.  Originally from Middle East but moved to Canada as a child.  He made me try on his new glasses.  Seriously.  He also tried to make guesses about me.  Like where my family is from etc.  All of which were failed attempts and wrong.
Second Date: in I should really say no.
Follow Up:  None as of yet.
Grade:  C+

So does this grading system work for you?

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