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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

e-dating or i-dating or however you are supposed to refer to it as

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Just a quick note.
Y'all I need to narrow it down and not feel the need to respond to everyone.
ie.  I would probably enjoy it more if I wasn't trying to chat to 26 boys at once.
I'm sort of like the Bachelorette her first night...just saying.
And yes I will probably call guys my age boys forever.
And I am just going to date and keep it casual and see what happens.
I'm just going to try and enjoy myself and be picky.

Oh and for  a fun little tidbit remember MrDitcher that didn't meet me for our Saturday night plans two weeks ago...
Well he sent me this funny email

Heyy, I demoted myself back to eHarmony to speak with you. I figure I try to win you over again to make up for not meeting up with you :) For some reason I was thinking to myself what happens when a cow falls on its side and no one is around to help? It's not gonna get up, and no one is gonna hear it Moo..Well I'm not a cow I thought...and I'm gonna get back up and I will Mooo (in private maybe). Well I hope you get that analogy because most it's too advanced for most people.
So, having said want to exchange numbers and go for a drink sometime? :)
It was creative.
And he basically called himself a cow.
And it made me laugh.
So I said maybe we could make plans to grab a drink.
But I'm not holding my breath.
The reality is I probably should have gone from 26 boys to 25 but he made me laugh. 
So why's just a drink and MrDitcher is definitely ranked 26 out of 26 currently.
I'll keep you posted as to what happens.
At least it should make for more fun stories.

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