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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Second Chance Date

Ahhh second chances....don't you just love those?!
So remember I went on a first date with MrDoctor (read here if you missed it).
Well he invited me on a second date...and well I thought why the heck not.
Plus it was to be something that would push me out of my comfort zone.
And I've been all about that lately.

He invited me rock climbing.
I've been one time.  I think I was 16 so it really doesn't count.
I asked him if he was good.
He told me he was an average climber.

So I headed there straight after work.
So I'm in dress clothes and a red pea coat.

I walk into Rock Oasis.
And y'all I walked in and they were uber serious hard core rock climbing people.

Serious rock climbing folks.

So I saunter up the counter with a timid smile on my face and say "hi it's my first time here and I'm here for a lesson but my friend isn't here yet".
The disinterested way to cool for school climbing dude points to the side and says "sign the waiver".
THAT was my welcome there.
I wanted to be like HELLO dude I have no idea what to do can't you tell that I'm completely out of my element here?!?!?!
I'm practically this chick (see below).

How's my hair?

So I figure things out.
MrDoctor called me because he was stuck in traffic heading into the city.
So he let me know to get started if the lesson was starting and he told me not to pay because he would get it when he got there.
So that was really nice of him.

The lesson begins and it's me and 3 european dudes.
We start and it is pretty intimidating at first.
We start on a wall rated 5.4
When MrDoctor showed up I noticed his gear was definitely not of the rental variety.

He definitely was much more than an average climber.
I was sporting my fauxLuluLemon (ie. Target) yoga gear.
Other point to note when you go rock climbing for a date you spend a lot of time staring at each others butt's...this is an important fact to consider.

So I finished off the lesson and we began climbing.
It was top rope which meant he was on the ground belay-ing me (I had to not snicker when I realized the word "lay" was in it).
Anywho it is sort of like this.

Rock climbing can also teach you a lot about the person.
How they are at incouraging you and pushing you.
If they taunt or tease.
How they work.

MrDoctor was convinced I could climb a 5.8.
I barely thought I could do a 5.5.
He went first and started with a 5.10 (seriously!)
I knew he wasn't an average climber especially when he utilized his own personal chalk bag.

We alterated between climbing and belaying.
I was how I always am...slow and steady.
Completing climbs only in absolute correct successtion.
5.5 then 5.6 then 5.7 then 5.8 (which was pretty tough).

MrDoctor thought I should try a 5.9.
This seemed impossible but with his encouraging and coaching I made it 3/4s up which I never thought I could do!
It was fun and exhausting.

After he suggested we grab a bite to eat.
I agreed.
So he suggested The Red Room which seems like a very cool UofT bar.
Problem with quirky little uni bars...not a lot of pics on the internet but here's two.
I get that the sign doesn't say Red Room but I remember it looking like this.

Black and White photos make places seem so cool and vintage don't they.

I ordered the glass noodles which were DELISH.
He ordered a stirfry.
We launched into conversation.
I really enjoy talking to him.

Are you waiting for the but???
I think I may be too materialistic for him.

It's not that I like to be wasteful or frivolous.
But if I want to save up for my dream Burberry Trench I don't want to get guilt tripped about it.
And no he didn't do that.
But as we were talking he was so into charity work.
And we lengthey discussion about consumption and consumerism.

I really enjoy hanging out with him but this is a worry of mine.
It's way too early to worry about it anyway.
Perhaps we will go climbing again and we can chat more about these things.
Maybe there is a third date in the cards.

But before I end this post.
How did the date end you ask?
I was so thoroughly enjoying myself that I didn't even think about the possibility of a good night kiss.
Until I went to hug him and realized...oh he is about to kiss me but my head is already turning and he's about to get the side mouth.

Yes folks I side mouthed another one.
And then he gave me a second kiss on the cheak because my head was firmly turned.
Why am I the most AWKWARD person ever at the end of the date?!?!?!

Pics from here here here here here

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