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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another First Date Conundrum.

So Thursday night after work I had another first date.
This one with MrDoctor.
He suggested a cute restaurant called Vegetarian Haven.
I walked there from work.
He met me there.

It was actually pretty fun.
The food was actually pretty great.
And it was a jam packed restaurant.
So that was fun.

We had great conversation.
We were talking about the volunteer work he does in India on a yearly basis at a village hospital.
I find that incredibly sexy.
We had fun practical work conversations.

Then he dropped this bomb shell.
He lives with his parents.
The dude is a physician and lives ith his parents I find it bothersome.
Am I just being a snobby bitch?
I found it kind of weird.
I get that he is quite busy and does a ton of traveling.
But doesn't that seem sort of odd?
He said it allowed him to save up money and do a lot more volunteer work etc.

So then the bill comes.
And we both glance down.
I reach into my coat and pull my wallet onto my lap.
And we launch into another engaging conversation.

Then the waiter returns.
And we both glance at the bill again.
So I offer to pay.
And the waiter stands there akwardly.
And MrDoctor says how about we at least split it?
As he holds out his (gold) credit card.
REALLY?!?!?!?! split it????
And I smile and say "it's okay I got it".
And it really wasn't a huge deal (the meal was less than $50 - seemingly because these vegetarian restaurants typically don't serve alcohol).

So is this a deal breaker?
Maybe it is a test he does.
Is he worried girls are after his money?
I just felt really really weird about it.
It makes me uncomfortable that someone invites me out for dinner and then I pay.

He did thank me.
And the night ended with a kiss on the cheek (perfectly acceptible).
The next day he sent me a message thanking me for dinner and invinting me to do some indoor rock climbing this week coming up.

Here's the thing.
I don't really want to go.
It makes me feel like it would be awful.
Because I can just imagine the harness (would it make my cellulite-ey thighs and big butt look really prominent?) and me fumbling through beginner rock climbing.
Whereas this is something this guy is good at.
It just seems like it would not be fun.
I can just see myself feeling really self conscious.
Then again maybe I should push myself to go.
I just am not sure.

Plus it's not like we have to date.
He could end up being a great friend.
I'm just guessing I'm not really meant to be with a vegetariancanoerockclimber guy.
Not quite sure that is quite the right match for my supergirlypreppyyogasilly girl me.
Just saying...
So the question is do I go rock climbing???
Stay tuned...I have a date with MrDitcher on Sunday...

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