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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Date Update

Well since I didn't really have any plans tonight.
I made plans for a dinner date.
Let's call him MrAccountant.

I will give you a quick background he is another EH match.
And initially when we first started talking he sent me an email letting me know he has been married before so if this was important to me then he wanted me to know so he was respectful of my time.
I think that was pretty cool of him to say that upfront.

And sort of makes me feel better about my awful past situation.
Someone like this is more likely to understand.
I honestly think it is a bit different here in Canada.
I don't have any divorced friends here.
All my friend (and their significant others's) parents are all married...except in one singular case.
Divorce seems somehow less tolerated here.
So this somehow makes me feel a little bit better about MrAccountant.
Is that weird?

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