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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Double Date*

Best double date picture hahaaha Pic from here
Tonight I went with a work colleague, her fiance and MrMarble on a double date.
I had a great time.
It was a filled with fun conversations and dessert.

We went to Dimitri's which I think I'm spelling completely wrong.
Sort of like a chain (which I usually loathe because in Toronto there are so many nonchain places) dessert and coffee place.
And we had lattes and waffles with delicious toppings.
Can you tell I'm avoiding getting down to business?

Me + MrMarble= 0 spark/0 chemistry
I liked the double date more because of my fun work colleague and her fiance.
MrMarble is a little too slow and quiet for my pace.

I need pop and sparkle and witty conversation.
Banter if you will.
A well placed compliment or a slight tease is nice too.
And well there isn't really any of that.

He is leaving for Cuba on Monday.
An all inclusive resort where he can just lay on the beach for a week.
Which is also the same vacation he does on a yearly basis.
My taste for adventure run a little more varied than that.

He made some mention of hanging out again.
I said it sounded like fun (because I can NEVER say no).
And because I totally think I will do the chicken thing and message him something along the lines of it would be great to be friends but I don't feel a romantic connection.

In reality when I'm with him I'm rather bored and find myself thinking if I should paint my nails or not for tomorrow's date...and what colour?... and what will I wear?...and all of a sudden I have to refocus on what he's talking about....right.... so hot sauce (seriously it totally happened tonight).
Safe to say MrMarble is eliminated from the competition.

*I just reread this and BOY do I sound bitchey...oopsie.

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