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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! In Words.

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Funny I was just rereading last years when we went to the Lakehouse
(read here if you missed it).
Funny how long ago a year can seem.

I'm happy to report this year we all go together again.
All being myself, Val, Brooke, Jane, Eva and her husband, Quinn and her husband and 8 week old baby girl and their dog.
We all piled into Eva's home and had a tapas style dinner.

We played dice, poker, and catchphrase.
We drank too much wine and rum and cokes.
We ate way too much food.
We had an ugly sweater contest.
We watched the ball drop in New York City.

This year I didn't cry (huge victory).
And I feel like 2012 could possibly be quite good in fact.
Funny how things can change and yet still be the same.
We joked that last year Quinn was drunk dancing on a couch and now she is here holding her baby.

All in all it was very low key.
And though it didn't exactly feel super celebratory it did feel good.
Good to finish 2011.
Good to move on to 2012.
Good to just be surrounded by friends.

However next year I would like 2012 to finish off GREAT...dare I even say with someone to lay a big huge kiss on when the clock strikes midnight?!
Be super excited to move on to 2013.
Still surrounded by incredible friends...but to feel great and look great too.
Here's hoping.
A lot can happen in 12 months :)

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