Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm back...and a lot has changed...but I'm only going to give you the first part...Friday

Have you read Tay's latest blog update of her trip to the TDot.
I seriously just asked her if I could cut and paste it because I have too much other stuff to catch y'all up on.
I might just do that...

SO last I left you I had gone on a Thursday night date with MrMarble.
That confirmed it was going absolutely nowhere (read here if you missed it).

Then Friday I had this epic date planned with MrDentist.
After a week long of phone calls and getting to know you conversations including a very late night one.
I was super nervous.

The whole week felt so surreal.
I had a ton of stuff to do at work so the week had this weird slow/fast thing going on.
I was definitely ready for a party on Friday.

I even had my hair blown out again because I was a straight up bundle of nerves y'all.
I wore a black cocktail dress and my fur.
I didn't take a pic (oops).

Then I drove downtown and checked into the Thompson.
The beautiful glorious Thompson Hotel.

Love.  And with room features like this...

And I found this note on my bed.

A reference to my favourite flower (peonies) and some hotel chocolates.

I went up one floor to his room to meet another couple for dinner.
Where the drama was already starting.
I don't think I'm going to go into details of the drama.
Let's say the other couple turned out to be a colleague and his mistress.
Seriously this apparently happens in real life.

We went to dinner at Scaramouche.
A fabulous old world restaurant.
Often touted as one of the most romantic restaurants in the city.

How gorgeous is this view of the whole city.  AND these were the types of clientele all around.

I was excited.
We ordered cocktails to start...and it was all a downhill shenanigan (is that even a word?)after that.
It was almost like we were a group of porn stars in church.
I don't mean how I was dressed though it was debatable from some of the others.
It was embarrassing actually.
Which is probably why I didn't suggest pictures.
I manage to only snap these two below this night.

My first Oysters ever!  I actually liked them but I have to do at least 1-2 chews. 

Delicious amuse-bouche!

There was this weird tension.
Mistress and MrDentist seemed to be getting into the biggest tiff's of all.
She was being so very rude and disrespectful to him and he was losing his patience.

My colleague just seemed to cower and not stand up and do the right thing.
It made things very awkward.
There was also a weird thing when the bill came and MrDentist ended up picking up the tab for all 7 of us.  Yes this thing went from 4 to 7 people.
Did I mention the reason we were all out was for the Mistress's birthday.
So you can see how this night was going.

Also the Mistress never touched her food.
I thought maybe she wasn't feeling well.
Or maybe she has some kind of eating disorder.
However her trips to the bathroom were very frequent (more about this later).

MrDentist and I did have a sense of chemistry going on though.
And we were able to connect a little bit.
He said I had a beautiful smile (I think that is a great compliment from a dentist)
and he also said "wow you look incredible" when he first saw me. 
(I must have been beaming and I was thinking...blow out worth.EVERY.penny).

Then the argument/disrespect/shenanigans elevated to a whole other level.
And MrDentist walked out.
And I walked out after him.
If only to try and be the peacekeeper in this whole situation.
I didn't understand why we couldn't just all get along.

The original four of us then headed back to the hotel and up to MrDentist's room.
Where we proceeded to have more drinks.
The mistress wanted to go home to change out of her gown.
So even though there was some clear tension the four of us all agreed to go.

Only when we got down to the hotel lobby bar we ran into two of the Mistress's friend (let's call them the Playmate (seriously she is) and her friend).
Then all of a sudden the Mistress wasn't so keen to go home and change.
MrDentist was just getting more and more annoyed.
My colleague was beyond drunk and tried to put the moves on me in the hall to the bathroom.  It made me incredibly uncomfortable.
I had to pull out some cat reflex ninja skills to escape into the ladies room.
Where I found the three girls in the same bathroom stall.

The mistress was "sick" and they were "holding her hair" which I now know was actually code for they were all snorting blow up their noses in the bathroom...classy.
I bolted.
Stormed past my colleague.
Found MrDentist and suggested we go have drinks in the rooftop bar.
And we did.
Also passed by Cuba Gooding Jr on the way up (I LOVE this hotel).

We (seriously unintentionally) ignored any messages from anyone else.
We ended up talking until the bar closed.
Then we headed back to his room.
And we sat and talked and listened to music and drank wine until 5:30am.
Then I finally said I had to go down to my room.

So he walked me.
We kissed... twice.
And it was perfect.
Then I invited him in for a drink.
And we totally fell asleep clothes on cuddling.
And y'all I was in heaven.
It was simply perfect.
To be continued...with Saturday and Sunday update posts.

Pics from here here here here here