Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Taylor...I'm so totally excited!!!!

Dear Taylor,

Rumor has it my celebcrushbestie is on her way to Dallas to hang with her sister.

This reminds me of an upcoming trip you have in less than two weeks to the TDot.
Hopefully I look as gorgeous as KimK does in these pics of her headed to LAX to fly to DFW.

And since you totally have the BEST luck ever.
If you happen to run into her.
Please say Hi and get her to autograph something for me.

And tell her that she makes me feel great about my own curvy body shape.
And tell her I'm glad she has great sisters that stick by her.
Becauuse I feel incredibly blessed to have a sister of my own and she gets here next week!

And the plans I have in the works....seriously I die (I'm quoting Rachel Zoe it's totally a great thing!)
I'm bursting to tell you.
I'm bursting to see you and spend an entire weekend of silly girlyness.

PS I get some people don't like KimKardashian but I totally do.  I love her style and makeup and I identify a lot with her.  Cue me making a video of leave Kim ALONE!!! just kidding

PPS Taylor you are totally my best friend and I'm thinking we may just need a soundtrack for our weekend.  Just saying.

Pics from here

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  1. This post made me smile and giggle and tear up all at the same time. GAH! I'm SO excited to get there!!! We'll make it a trip worth posting about after!!! WEEEEE!!!!

    And sorry i can't fulfill your KimKardash wish...think we'll cross paths in the air since we're flying out this afternoon. Next time! I'm sure she'll be back!