Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I owe you all like a three part breakdown of the amazingness that was this past weekend.
But seeing as time is short and I want to get somethings down of what is going down.
I will postpone...and hope that Taylor is more on the ball.

Weekend = fabulous.
Still recovering (not because of excessive partying but of the large amounts of joy and happiness followed by what can only inevitably be a let down after).
I hate goodbyes at airports...they kill me.

At least I headed straight to a dinner from the airport on Monday.
The sorority I work with's local chapter had a big dinner planned and it was nice if at least a distraction.

Tuesday I felt like I got hit by a MAC truck.
So I cancelled my date with MrRussian.

Wednesday was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOng day at work.
Mainly because on Tuesday I was up until 2am on the phone with MrDentist.
Oh wait haven't heard of MrDentist?!
You will.

Then Wednesday night I was on the phone with him until midnight.
When he said he was going to make the executive decision for us to go to bed and get off the phone.
Then I was worried I talked too long with him.
Because that's what I do I worry about stuff like that.

I opened too much and told him too much.
I could feel myself blabbing away and going on and on about silly meaningless stuff.
And none of it involved Spencer or ExBoyfriend talk (thank goodness!)
I'm not sure how he would actually react to that.

And y'all there are some red yellow flags.
And he is NOT my usual type.
And I think I'm developing a crush.
And there's definitely a pull.

A pull that makes me feel giddy and excited and nervous and a little weary.
This pull.
Last time I really felt it...November 2009.
There were flags too.
And he wasn't my type.
And I fell hard and fast and straight on my ass.

This is oddly reminiscent of Spencer.
Which part of me wants to sprint in the opposite direction.
And the other part wants to embrace all that it is just to see if maybe it's not.

Even though there may be a small nagging voice in the back of my head.
Warning Warning Warning.
Possibility of heart break just around the corner.

And the plans I have coming up. 
May just include the following...

Tonight the double date with MrMarble and my work colleague and her fiance.
Straight from work.
Probably will not look cute and I'm sort of know it's not going anywhere.
So excitment factor ....not really there.

Friday ...oh my goodness I'm so excited because there is an epic date planned.
Me, MrDentist and another glamorous couple.
Dinner at a fabulous restaurant than out after.
Ummm and I may have accepted an offer to be put up in the fabulous hotel I love downtown
(a total seperate room of course).

Saturday I think MrDentist and I are going shopping and grabbing a quick breakfast.
Then I have an afternoon meeting at the local chapter house of my sorority.
Then I'm driving to Kingston to see Sophie and her new baby who are here from Winnipeg!
And it will be the girls (Val, Eva, Quinn, Jane, me and Sophie) all together for a potluck dinner.
So super excited!

Sunday back to Toronto early to get picked up by noon by MrDentist.
So we can go to a private event icewine tasting in Niagara.

And then I may have time to update everything.
It is going to be a busy and fun next few days.
And at least a distraction to me missing my best friend so much.

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