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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bundle of Nerves

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I have a date in just a few short hours.
And I'm a bundle of nerves.
It's silly really.
I shouldn't feel any nervousness I'm just meeting a guy for a drink.

But it's really my first date since these.
How crazy is it that it's been almost two months since then?!?!
And the reason it's probably on my mind...

This date is taking place at the Thompson Diner.
You guessed it one of the four restaurants/lounges around the same Thompson that MrDentist lives every weekend.
Well he used to.
I assume at this point he's found a condo etc.
And even if he hasn't there is like 0 chance of running into him because he always spent Sundays with his family.

I just need to get back on the horse and start dating again.
And I need not to be stressing the potential awkward silences
(even though there was one during our phone conversation this week).
It's no big deal.
Really I could talk to a brick wall...I'm a total chatter.
Just have to remind myself.
This is not a big deal.

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