Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So I finally bit the bullet and resigned onto the whole edating thing once again.
In the time I've been gone...827 matches.
Isn't that crazy???

I'm afraid after these there will be none left!
Anywho I mainly scrolled through and clicked close on a lot of "matches".
He was the thoughts going through my head...
nope...has kids
nope....I definitely wear a bigger jean size than him
nope... 5'7" which means he is really 5'3" (ie MrEngineer the underhugger)
nope... he is into camping and the outdoors and dreams of having a country home
nope...not attracted to him
nope...every picture has a cropped out girl beside him as evidence of long hair and slim arm caught in crop
nope...lives in middle of nowhere tiny town
Am I being too picky....nah I don't think so.

Amoungst the most interesting.
One had a single profile pic of him in FULL drag (I'm talking wig/makeup/dress) I sent Taylor a pic as evidence.
He sent me an email message with the subject line "digging your bowling pic" (I have a side view bowling picture with me wearing a fifties style dress)
His message "Very cute. Very.  That is all."

I felt like I at least had to respond to that.
I did with
Bold choice of photo yourself...just saying."
Because sometimes I'm witty like that.

Y'all at least the blogger stories are about to take an interesting turn once again.
Who knows maybe I will even go on a date with MrDragQueen.
Oh boy.

The crazy thing is...
I'm secretly hoping that maybe just maybe...
I could be half of one of those ridiculously smiley couples from the commercials.
Talking about how I found the one...


  1. Hey, there are not one, but TWO girls in our sorority alum group here that met their hubbies on eHarm. And Miss KC met her soon-to-be fiance on Match. never know!! ;)

  2. Okay that is kind of exciting not going to lie.
    You're right you never know...even what will happen a year from now...

  3. Commercial or not, you're going to be half of one of those ridiculously smiley couples. I'm absolutely sure of that. :)

  4. @A-That comment TOTALLY made my day!