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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Shopping Trip

So Saturday I met up with Val because we were going to go shopping in New York.
Also know as test #2.
Test #1 was here.
It was intimidating just because we were traveling by car.

My hands were so so so terribly shaky.
But everything went off without a hitch!
And before we knew it I was looking at this glorious sign.

And it was such a beautiful day outside!
I can't believe how much things have been mild this winter.
Totally my saving grace.

So we headed to some outlets.
And we are both on a budget so I only got what I LOVED.
JCrew factory outlet store was where I got my three items.

It is my new trick when I go shopping for myself.
I allow myself three items.

So then I really choose carefully versus taking home a ton of items of which I won't wear but get caught up in the frenzy.

And what a great deal versus their regular priced items.
For example I got this printed Cecilia dress.
Has everything I love.
V-neck, straps that I can wear a nice bra,  POCKETS!!!!, full skirt, and a tie to cinch in the waist.

I was also excited to be back into some better sizes after working out more.
This dress was Regularly $108+tax
With their dress promotion.  It was $64.80!

Now granted I know it is their "factory" line and not the same as in store,
Both Val and I agreed that we preferred these pieces versus the actual store which you know we hit up later also.
Love JCrew!

My other two items...a sweater set.
In my favourite shade.
Pink of course!  Well technically JCrew calls it Neon Azalea.

I love the buttons!

Jackie Cardigan (Factory) tag regularly $49.50 down to $29.70!
Jackie Shell (Factory) tag regularly $39.50 down to $23.70!
THIS to me was a FANTASTIC deal.

Considering that currently at the Canadian Regular (non-factory store).
The exact same pink Jackie Cardigan is $80 (+13% taxes)
and the exact same pink Jackie Shell is $54 (+13% taxes)

The sweater set alone would have cost me $151.42 here in Canada.
(JCrew is rather expensive in Canada).
And instead I spent a total of $125.52 
(including the 8% taxes in New York) for a dress AND a sweater set.

On our way home we stopped in at Quinn's house.
She lives about half way between Niagara Falls and Toronto.
She and her husband had grilled up some burgers (home made patties with onion and garlic YUM!) 
and we also had a homemade chickpea salad, homemade coleslaw and steamed broccoli.
It was delicious.

I also got to see Quinn's babies nursery for the first time (so cute).
And we all got caught up and chatted and finished off with some nice hot tea before Val and I headed on the road again back to the TDot.
So SO fun.
AND now I am planning the rest of my trips this year...

The For Sure's

  • Florida Easter weekend (SO soon and SO SO excited!)
  • Dallas in September 
  • Ann Arbor maybe October?  I will be sporting my maize and blue proudly attending another football game weekend with my bestie Will (who I think may be coming next weekend to Canada!!!!)
The Maybe's
  • Maybe Auburn for a fall football game (I'm dying to see where my bestie went to school and cheer on a team in the South Division (I realize it is NOT called the South Division it is called something important that has lots of good schools and I for the life of me cannot remember what it is called.  Thank goodness Auburn and UofM are in different divisions haha because I love them both dearly!)
  • Maybe Chicago (shopping trip/see my bestie's brother perhaps!)
  • Maybe Winnipeg (to see Sophie like I did last year).
  • Maybe New York City (I am DYING to do the Sex and the City Tour!)
  • Maybe Austin (to see a special close friend).
  • And at this point I will also take any other suggestions!!!
All and all this weekend made me very excited for things yet to come.

Pics are my own and found here 


  1. A few things:
    1. I haven't had a hamburger since October. Emily has decided that she hates red meat and makes me sick every time I eat it so I gave it up. Reading about your burger made me CRAVE one. Not sure if I'll risk it just yet, but yummm!!!
    2. Auburn is in the SEC (SouthEastern Conference), so you were close! Good job!

    3. Please tell me more about the SITC Tour in NY. Sounds like a LOT of fun!!

  2. My hubby is part of a wedding next weekend and the hotel we are staying at is right by an outlet so I'm very much looking to doing some retail therapy while he is off with the boys. Your JCrew inspriration will send me into that store (and I am a sucker for Ann Taylor/Loft so I'll have to hit that up as well at least). Looks like you have a lot of exciting trips to look forward to soon - I love planning those types of things!

  3. @Beth-I've always been a sucker for a good hamburger (homemade is totally the best though). Haha thanks for the info on the SEC (I SHOULD know it given this type of jargon thrown around by my (American) friends).

    Tour Highlights:
    Visit the site of Carrie and Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner
    Hop into the Pleasure Chest where Charlotte buys her “Rabbit”
    Scout the bar owned by Steve and Aidan
    Reminisce Miranda’s embarrassing underwear moment in the Village
    Venture into the trendy neighborhood, MePa, where the girls frequent
    Pass the café where Samantha invites the girls to Abu Dhabi
    Get some retail therapy like Carrie & Co. at Greenwich Village boutiques
    Indulge in cupcakes like when Carrie confides in Miranda about Aidan

    Here's a link to one tour company I have been dying to go because I have watched all episodes over and over again.

  4. @AnEarly30- I also really like Ann Taylor/Loft however my new 3 item rule stopped me but they had some really cute stuff!!! Have fun :)

  5. !!!!!!

    I am so in love with that dress!

    But I am more in love with the idea of you being in A2 in October. :)

  6. @A- Thanks :) I am so so excited for a trip to A2 in October...we MUST meet up or tailgate or go to this bar that serves Sangria in mason jars after the game...and that is the basis of my A2 knowledge thus far...eek SO SO excited.