Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

One under the belt

So yesterday I had my first date with MrMD.
And y'all I was so SOOOO nervous!
I was frantically messaging Taylor before hand so I would have something to do while waiting outside the place we were meeting.

I wore a cute outfit I will try and post pics later in the week.
Anywho I was a nervous wreck.
So much so I wrote about it before hand.

So I was early (as usual) so I decided to wait outside the place in the sunshine.
As I tried to look cool (and busy myself with my phone!)
And tried not to fall over in nude high heels.
I noticed my pantyhose was rather shiny in the sunlight.
Taylor reassured me that it was very Kate Middleton so I felt a ton better.

And walked up and I smiled nervously hoping it was this guy I was about to have coffee with.
(It was).
I gave him a hug and he told me I looked great.
We grabbed a coffee at the Thompson Diner.
Pic from here

So this is how the Thompson does diner.
(How I think every diner should be but that's just the snob in me!)
Pic from here

So we grabbed a coffee and quickly fell into conversation.
I was nervous so I'm sure I was pretty fidgety.
After we sipped through our coffee's he suggested we take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk around downtown.
(Which just so happens to be one of my favourite activities in Toronto because there is always fun stuff to explore).
My only suggestion to him was that I be allowed to change from my sky high heels into flats (thank goodness I had a pair in the car).

On our walk I found myself giggling (a lot).
And finding an excuse or two to nudge him, touch his arm etc.
He was nice and funny (and cute).
I laughed at his comparison to a random event going on and some drama spilling onto the sidewalk to West Side Story (he seriously referenced the Jets/Sharks!)
Which is perfect for my nerdy self.

Then as we were returning back towards the diner.
He made a comment along the lines of 'I feel like I should take you out for dinner'.
Which was sort of an invitation I guess.
I was so incredibly nervous!
I had some things to get done though so I politely suggested 'sometime soon'.
I told him I had a really good time.

Then the awkward end of the date came.
And it's only awkward because I am the most awkward end of date person!
We hugged and then I found myself (for the first time in a LONG time) turning my face towards his.
(I usually turn away especially at this moment which is why I never kissed MM (and we went on like 9 dates now wonder we stopped hanging out!!))
So we kissed and then I as so super nervous and panicky and freaking out that it was maybe awkward and maybe I was too forward.
Kissed him again!
(Go big or go home I guess...well they were both nice closed mouth kisses...okay now I'm just going into way to much detail because I'm still all nervous about it haha).
So I found myself smiling as I drove away.

Then I heard nothing from him after.
(Usually boys message me right away...well at least in the beginning).
And then today I didn't hear from him until this evening.
I'm totally being melodramatic.

He made some sweet comment about thinking about my smile.
Then we made plans for a Friday night date.
I must like him because my Friday night slot is a premium position haha.
But I'm going to take my time with this one.
And also keep the roster wide open.
Even if I do have a good feeling about this one.