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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How I get rid of my frustrations...

I have been C25King it up (Couch to 5K).
So I simply load up some new songs on my iPod.
And hit the gym.

So I guess a little bit about me.
I really love and identify and THRIVE with music.
There are times I can just listen to a song on repeat a bajillion times.

I love double entredres (not sure how to spell) by the way.

Which is why I love JayZ and Drake. 
Anywho music gives me balance and sometimes I just need to dance around my place in my fav rock out outfit which includes...knee high socks and shorts and a headband and hairbrush in hand BELTING a song out(because clearly I cannot do THAT on a treadmill.) day if I feel brave enough I will post a pic of this because I look RIDICULOUS!

Here are my latest favs...
With some of my favourite lines and what they make me think of...

First up The Wanted (I'm glad you came)...

My fav part 
you cast a spell on me, spell on me
you hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let's go somewhere no one else can see, you and me

Even if this song is rather repetitive and simplistic I like it. 
I still like the song even if it does make me think of MrDentist (
I KNOW could I be any more super duper annoying about him right now?! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!)

SO to act as a way to take back that song...Kelly Clarkson (Stronger)

My fav lines 
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone"

I also so in love with this song by Down with Webster (Royalty)...

My fav lines...ok I just realized it's half the song...whatever I'm totally into it.

Addicted to the lights and sounds
Want your bad habits and you wear 'em like a crown...

This is all about "that" crowd Missy/Colleagues/MrDentist/Playmate obviously

So driven she don't need chauffeurs 
And if you're not VIP then give up
to think she's above the bar that's a chin up
and getting lit up's the only thing that's relevant 
when all that's in your closet is designer or a skeleton...

(Clearly "that" crowd again)

Life of the party don't question her loyalty
Playin all night games
Every day's the same
Pull out the red carpet for the walk of shame
Nothin' to loose but a lot to gain *ESPECIALLY this line...seriously WTF
Same yeah you know her name royalty let her reign

You gotta give your blood 
you learn it on the streets
now baby it's your nature
now every body's gotta eat
you're better off alone *umm hello me.
you're better off than me
But everytime I'm gone I'm everything you need *always want what you can't have...this is so me right now
You got it on your face *yea I can't hide a thing
it's painted on the walls
you're looking for a problem but you can have them all
you said it all before
you fast for the feast
at least I care when you can care least (this makes me so so annoyed with myself!)

I love this song because it is so darn cute.
Canadian by the way -Carly Rae Jepson...and from my FAV gossip blog Lainey's she wrote this "Canadian Idol’s Carly Rae Jepsen was just signed to Justin Bieber’s label. It’s a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when Justin, his gf, and all their friends pretty much make your video. Please."  

This is totally a home video include Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Carly (herself) and probably a ton more of people that I'm not sure of exactly who they are... How FUN is this?!?!?!  This is TOTALLY the dorky type of stuff I did growing up with my girlfriends.  I love that they did this!

My fav line is actually the chorus
hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number, 
so call me, maybe?

And finally I'm loving this song by Train (Drive By)

And I love this lyric/verse 
"Oh but that one night was more than just right *I obviously think of THIS night
I didn't leave you cause I was all through
Oh I was overwhelmed and frankly scared as hell
Because I really fell for you"  *what I obviously want to be the case of MrDentist and I but I KNOW this is not the reality...reality is he's just not that into me and that is that.

So let's pretend for a moment that I'm not liking these songs because they all make me reflect on things going on (or rather not going on when it comes to MrDentist) in my life...CLEARLY I need to move on because this boy and his negative crowd is taking up entirely way too much of my head space.
My apologies for this weird post.
I'm giving you a glimpse of what a dorky strange girl I am.


  1. Ohmigoodness, I LOOOVE all these songs (except for the middle Royalty song - haven't heard of that one). This post could've (almost) been written by me.

    I also relate things in my life to songs and didn't realize not everybody does that until I asked my sister and she was like, umm, no? Oops. I still hear songs today that remind me of old times. Sometimes, I go through a time where I hate a certain song because of what it reminds me of, then I'll get over the situation and be ok with the song again even if I don't really like it anymore.

    That first song is my FAVORITE lately. The double entendres crack me up and the lyrics when they're not all double entendrey (yup, just that made that word up) are so romantic. Thinking Mr. Dentist doesn't deserve that song - save it for somebody who knocks you like the sky fell on you in a good way! You would've had so much fun with us on girls' night Monday, we decided to laugh hysterically every time one of us said 'came' or the other version 'come' in a normal sentence because of a situation one of the girls had last weekend. We also decided to laugh when we threw in 'but' for the heck of it. I'll leave the rest to your imagination... ;) .

    Also, OMG, I am totally in love with that home video. A bunch of hot people (are they old enough for me to say that? oh, well, i don't mean it in that way) + home video + magic editing capabilities = magic. Teenagers today have that swagger because of all their technical capabilities. I am so crossing my fingers J and S have that - the ability to have a blast and be themselves without fear of what people will think. This is so leading into a post, so I'll end now...

  2. Oops, that was already a post :( ! Sorry for hijacking your comments!!

  3. I'm convinced that there is a soundtrack backing my're telling me the music I hear all day long is only in my head? Heehee!

  4. @PSD- you are not hijacking my comments at all! I love this. That is totally me (your second paragraph) Me too I TOTALLY crack up at all the double entendres. I wish I could have been there on your girls night Monday :) I love that home video too and they are totally hot). I bet J and S will have that for sure! How fun!

    @Beth- hahaha love it!