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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Oscar's Party

So on Sunday night I hosted an Oscar's party at my place.
I have a theatre room in my condo so that was used for the viewing.
But before hand I had everyone up to my place for drinks and snacks.

We had our very own red carpet.

And this fun background to take pictures against.

I had 4 different types of popcorn.

TONS of Champagne (and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages).

I even Oscar-fied the bottled water.

We used this as a 50/50 fundraiser.
We had Oscar ballots and the winner got half of the pool.
The other half was donated to charity.

I made swag bags for all the girls.
With these fun tags.

Here's what was inside.

All in all I think this was a great success!
I hope to make it an annual event for sure :)


  1. !!!!!!!! I love it! I love EVERY SINGLE THING. You did such a great job! eeeee! I bet everyone invited was so excited!

  2. @A- Thanks girlie! I think everyone had fun :)