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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday night with the girls

So I told y'all I had last night I had dinner scheduled with Missy again (from this post).
Anywho I debated over what to wear to sushi.
Then figured it would be a low key girls night.
So I decided on this.
Using the boots again.

Showing you my accessories...and no I don't mean my cleavage haha.

I headed to her condo (which I found out my colleague pays for incidentally).
It was so pretty and right smack downtown.
I even felt myself get a little emerald eyed.
And as she finished getting ready we were chatting and it was kind of nice doing the girly thing.
And y'all I'm really struggling because I'm girly and not quite feeling like I fit in sometimes with my Waterloo girls though I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

She then let me know that the Playmate would be joining us.
Yes that one from this night.
To which I replied the more the merrier (heck why not).

Side note:  ever feel like the fat kid?  
I totally did these girls MAYBE 
weight 100lbs a piece and I'm super curvy.  
So umm yea there was this total awkward moment
 when I'm like...they are looking at me
 like I'm this dumpy average girl...
total side note ignore me.
However, I do note I've been
pretty tough on myself when it comes
to my body lately.
Weird I just noticed this...
I hope this isn't going to become
a trend and I hope this hasn't 
been too annoying...has anyone elsee
noticed this???
Feel free to ignore this side note ramble!

So the Playmate picked us up in her boyfriends car (does anyone actually pay for anything themselves?!).
It was super exciting to hear that the Playmate had just scored the lead in a hot new music video shooting this week!
What a fab fun lifestyle...seriously.

We got in and after realizing the place we were going to for sushi was closed for Family Day (our holiday yesterday).
We headed to the Thompson hotel for sushi.
Yes THAT Thompson hotel.
The one that practically screams MrDentist and if I was a gambling women I bet he stayed there this weekend.

So we got to work ordering sushi and got right into some big conversations about boys.
And I told them a little bit more about MrDentist about sort of the progression of things and then how he fell off the face of this earth.

And Missy filled me in on some things.
Here are her "facts":
1. He really like me he talked to her about me for an hour before Vegas.
2.  In Vegas he talked about me...a lot.
3. He told my colleague he thinks I'm "the one".  (Is your heart beating way fast???) I think I threw my hand up at that comment.
(Yeah well someone else (well both Spencer and Jacob) once told me that and you see how THAT worked out).
4.  All the women he has most recently dated are 5-8 years older than him...making them in their early 40s.  The reason this is important is apparently they are the "pursuers" unlike me who is very VERY clearly a "persue-e" 
5.  He did tell the guys he was falling for me.
6. BUT he said he didn't want to because he wanted to get his life more together first* 
(Ok this does NOT make sense to me...does it make sense to anyone else?!)

So the Playmates perspective....she said either.
* He does really like me and he's scared 
(The Rules CLEARLY disagree with this).
* He is a big time player and these are all the lines he uses 

(The Rules would TOTALLY agree with this one).
I clearly bought and devoured The Rules (a dating book) this weekend...just saying.

So after much debate and discussion.
It was determined I should call him today.
And leave a breezy message along the lines of "Hi you, haven't seen you in awhile, we should do something"...I say leave a message because I fully anticipate getting his voice mail.
Which is not to say that I have decided to call because dear blog readers.
I want YOUR advice.
I suppose a call couldn't hurt or make me feel that much more embarrassed.
But what do you think????

We also had a big discussion about Missy and my colleague.
She was trying to decide to move on or stay put.
It was really interesting because clearly something is working for her.
Maybe it is the university tuition, condo and 30K new car budget he has given her (she is super mad at the 30K budget by the way)...I think the Playmate and I's eyes nearly fell out of our heads at that one.
And we both sort of said you know the grass is always greener on the other side.
I think I was just FLOORED that this actually happens in real life.
And I learned some other things that BLEW my mind but not really my place to share (I may have over shared already and am half debating removing this paragraph).

Overall, dinner was good.
I had fun and the three of us planned to go to the movies on Wednesday.
Then the bill came.
And since Missy picked it up for our dinner I felt it was only fair to return the favour.
When the bill did come she grabbed it.
And I said "no no I got this one".
And she was actually just CHECKING it then she commented "you got off easy our dinner was $300 last week".  And THAT rubbed me the completely wrong way.
Now that I think about it I SHOULD have said...would you like the $100 to cover the difference?!
But I didn't I just laughed it off.
But I think that is super rude.
AND I do have to say I ordered one glass of wine, edamame (we split) and two rolls (one veggie $5 and one more fancy $15). The playmate ordered one main and one glass of house wine.  Missy ordered three Martini's, a roll and a main.

So needless to say the next dinner I'm going to let them know I'm on a budget (umm because no one pays my rent etc...only I TOTALLY won't say that haha).  And say I'm more comfortable splitting the cheques individually.  
And if they don't like that.
Well then,  I guess they just aren't that into me.

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  1. I don't think a call would *hurt*, but you need to prepare for the possibility that he will answer (which would totally make me nervous). Is there a way to kind of know when he is most likely guaranteed to not pick up? Calling is more assertive than texting and I guess if he likes persuers then he might respond well to that. Do YOU want to continue seeing him though?

    The ideal scenerio here is that you guys end up making plans again, and while you're out have a serious conversation about what you both are ideally looking for. Is he looking for a girlfriend or does he just want to have fun while he's getting his life together. That is also the time that you can share that you are really really in to him (and if you want to give reasons why you do now is the time- he might like hearing it), but you can also let him know you aren't looking for just "a good time" and would ultimately like something more stable.

    I would be really cautious (and I know you are), but at the same time, you can't let the crap with Spencer and Jacob dictate how you date and have relationships. MrD is a new guy and a new start with the possiblility of a fabulous new outcome. I know that is so much easier said that done to just let go, but if you continue to hang on to the bad stuff that has happened you'll never be able to let yourself go and experience the possibility of love. I think there's something to that saying "Dance like nobody's watching and love like you've never been hurt". Guys don't want girls that wear their emotional baggage on their sleeve. You are a smart, strong, successful, gorgeous woman with a job you worked really hard to get in a city you fought tooth-and-nail to live in. Fight like that for the Dentist, but remember, accomplishing those goals shows how capable you are without a man if he's not receptive. He may just be damaged goods.

    Ramble over. I'm on bedrest for a couple days--I have tons of time to babble!

  2. And throw The Rules out and write your own. I read The Rules in college after a friend watched me implode because of a breakup with a not-that-great guy. Some make sense but the majority of them are absolutely ridiculous. ;)