Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I owe y'all HUGE...

Y'all I'm going to regale you of stories of the car/subway/bus/ferry/airplane/taxi trip of yesterday afternoon.
But I wanted to say his words...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
You're far too kind
Hold you're applause 
This is your song not mines
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Please hold your applause
For I just applied logic Keys keys open doors
Now I'm balcony, Opera, Black Tux, Binocula
Black luxe, Stop it I shouldn't be so popular

I cannot wait to post my own pics from the night and the journey to get there.
And how it all just worked.
And made me INCREDIBLY excited for 2012.

And showed me that maybe some things are worth at least trying 
because you never know what "keys open doors"...
I was delirious with happiness yesterday.

Some of the public pics I wanted to get out there first.
So you have an idea of the ENORMITY of last evening.
It was HISTORIC for many reasons.

And y'all CARNEGIE HALL...seriously I was all goosebumps.
Another one off my bucket list that sometimes just seems to get longer rather than shorter!
One being Beyonce's first pics out after giving birth.

Y'all look how GREAT she the dress....I need to find one cut like this because I'm curvy too.

I just wanted to post this and I want to say I think she looks INCREDIBLE...but I just want to remind myself and OTHER GIRLS out there...that angles and lighting and everything makes a difference between pics...and maybe I should not be so hard on myself!!!!!!!!!

And him dressed really well.

Initially he said he was there to "step on the lines that divide us" and I thought that was simply PERFECT!
And a video of his FIRST live performance of Glory (the song he made for his daughter).
You can watch it now before youtube yanks it down.
Honestly the video does not do it justice...I'm going to try and link up one of my brothers which is way better.

Oh wait I found a better...
THIS brought TEARS to my eyes!
Seriously hear the crowd when she comes ON!

And I now leave you with a verse from the brilliant magnificant Jay-Z...(with an update to follow with my own pics from my very exciting less than 24 hours in NYC!)

"Everybody's like, 'He's no item! 
Please don't like him 
He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em!' 
Now she don't like him, she never met him 
Groupies try to take advantage of him, he won't let 'em 
He don't need 'em, so he treats 'em like he treats 'em" 

Well said....I wonder who this makes me think about...
Maybe someone I haven't heard from since Thursday (sort of ...I may just be a tad overdramatic...)

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