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Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday night dinner with the Missy

Y'all so on Monday night (I know so SO behind!)
I had dinner with the Missy (aka my colleagues mistress...the one from this crazy evening).
She had suggested one of her new favourite places called The Shore Club.

I tried to make a new outfit from old clothes and I think I succeeded.
Plus I wanted to wear these boots more.
They are from Nordstrom's 
(from Northpark in Dallas where I had so many fun shopping trips with Tay).

Sound fancy dancy and expensive right?
It was.
You know how I think sometimes a restaurant is nice?
When they give you a pretty bag for your leftovers.

So I walked in and y'all it was super pretty.
I thought it was a fab restaurant.
And to be honest I sort of was trying to find out a little more about MrDentist because she attended the boys Vegas trip (yes I know that seems so strange).

AND I have to admit I was slightly hesitant because of how the bill situation happened that crazy evening.
I got even more worried when we ordered Kir Royale's and oysters and beef carpacchio to start.
And when she ordered the steak and lobster and a second cocktail I got a tad bit nervous and started doing the mental tallying.
I order the halibut and asparagus (you saw my leftovers in this fun fab post

We had some really good talks.
And I found it a lot of fun (and a great way to spend a Monday night!)
I learned more about her and tried not to be such an open book myself 
(I usually am SUCH an open book and sometimes when you don't know someones exact motive for having you out for dinner it may not be such a great idea.  Like sometimes I feel like I should just keep my mouth shut!  But instead I usually open up so fast (which sometimes can not be such a great idea).

So anyway she told me that MrDentist really likes me but...
he apparently told her he was trying NOT to fall for me.
Ummmmm why???
Anyway she gave me the advice to date other people.
So by the end of dinner I was also thoroughly confused.

Then the tab came and guess what?!
She picked it up!
I said we should at least split it.
She said it was to make up for that crazy night.
So I offered to get dinner the next time (I am all about being fair for that stuff).

And y'all I just don't know.
I know from the conversation that she doesn't like her "situation".
Nor does she expect her situation to change.
And parts of me really feel bad for her.
And parts of me are super weary of such a social climber.
But I need to continue to explore and grow more friendships here in the city.
So I'm treading cautiously.

Anyway on our way out of the restaurant.
A group of 4 business men stopped us to compliment our boots (awesome!)
And it's great because Missy is just cool enough to throw sort of the bitch vibe out without guys getting offended.
I mainly stood there and smiled and giggled.
Before we wished them a good evening and properly strutted away.

Pics from here


  1. Those boots remind me of The Hunger Games after watching the preview for the movie (can't WAIT). Looks like something the main girl character would wear. Love them! Have you read the books?

    Mannnn, I had a friend in that situation and WOW was it hard to hear about the situation. Hit WAY too close to home, as in I would be down her throat if that was anywhere near me. Fortunately after having to have hushed conversations over the holidays, she ended it. Thank goodness. It tore me apart for her.

    I could be totally off on this, but MrDentist sounds a bit like a player. He didn't sound like this at ALL in the beginning but with his shadiness he seems either way too timid to show his real feelings (such a turn off) or a player. Sorry he is turning out be such a bad egg :( . On the other hand, I am SO HAPPY you've discovered you can have those feelings again and I CAN'T WAIT until you have them with somebody who appreciates every in and out of them!!

  2. By *that* situation, I mean the situation your colleagues' mistress is in.

  3. @PSD- ohhh thank girlie! How fun I never thought but they are rather Katnis-ey aren't they? I did read the books loved them (the first was my fav) and am so super excited to see the movies when they come out.

    Crazy situation eh but then sitting down and talking from about it. I don't know it is just a crazy crazy situation that I hope to never personally be in. It's hard not to judge and it's hard to pass opinion right? I think it is likely a mutually beneficial arrangement (they are both getting something out of it) however it just is very very unsettling.

    Okay so MrDentist...I have no words or even explanation except for the obvious he just isn't that into me. So I need to move on and your're right focus on the positive out of it which is those feelings are possible! And I should certainly be super excited about that.