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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A weekend in the Capital

How was your weekend?
Mine was fabulous.
Now I'm just doing all the boring monotonous things such as doing laundry etc.

It started off on Friday.
I came off sort of a rushed day of work.
Met Val at my place and we hopped in her car around 4pm.

First stop Kingston (about 2.5 hours Northeast of Toronto) to pick up Jane and her husband.
But of course not without a light dinner.
My friends are fab, look at this dinner.

Then we all jumped in one car for the ~2 hour drive up to Ottawa.
We stopped for Chai Tea Lattes on the way too.
We had to stop at Joe Fresh for some long johns and winter boots for moi because they determined my Jeans and Uggs simply wouldn't cut it this weekend.
I love Joe Fresh I was able to score some winter boots for $20 and thermal underwear for $4.94!

We headed to Brooke's place where we chatted and gossiped and drank wine and had TLC in the background.
Before we knew it it was 2am and we had to go to bed.

The next morning we were up and at em.
Time for some breakfast.
I love when it is coffee with Baileys!

Look at the spread!

We obviously love to eat!
Then we packed on up for Winterlude.
And got some skates to skate on the world's largest skating rink.
AKA the Rideau Canal.

You can see dead shells of zebra mussels that clung to the walls of the canal.

Thought it was FREEZING!
The sun made it tolerable.
Along with the Canadian snacks.

Ladies and Gentleman allow me to introduce (for the second time, my first time was during this trip to Ottawa)

I got the original cinnamon and sugar.

The girls got the "sunrise" which is the original plus lemon to squeeze over.

We to our sugar fix there and headed back to the cars.
Our faces were FREEZING after that and we were ready to warm up.
So we headed back to Brooke's to make soup and sandwiches and grab a quick catnap.

Before we headed to a different province (for you Americans that is like heading to a neighboring state).

So we went to Quebec (Canada's very French province).
As you can tell from the stop signs.

We headed on over to the ice slides.
And all slide down.

Jane, Val, Jane's Husband and I in line (or trench depending on how you look at it) for the ice slides.  And yes I'm totally convinced I will single handed bring ear muffs back in style here.

Then the tube slides.

A girls' picture with a giant beaver.

Then we had to get some true Canadian taffy.

It's essentially boiled maple syrup poured over Popsicle sticks on ice.

Brooke's daughter and myself indulged.

Then we headed home to change before heading out downtown Ottawa.
We went to a FABULOUS place called The Grand.

Where we ate and drank our faces off before heading back to Brooke's place.

How we occupied ourselves with a memory game while waiting for our food!

My starter...mussels in a spicy tomato and prosciutto broth.  And a glass of Prosecco.

A yummy pizza (Brooke and I order two different one and swapped halves).  And a glass of red wine (Valpolocello...that I'm clearly not spelling correctly).

This morning we had another big breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs.

Before we packed up and started to head home.
First to drop off Jane and her husband in Kingston.
Then Val and I headed back to the TDot.
But not without stopping to get me a new piece of furniture which I will write about in a separate home decor post :)

All in all it was a great weekend.
Am I missing anything???
Hmmm maybe it was getting bailed on for Sunday night's date with MrDentist.
More about THAT later.
Hope your weekend was fab!


  1. What an amazing weekend! And all that AMAZING food!! Yum! Love all the french wording everywhere, and the maple taffy looks absolutely delicious, along with the beaver tails. Sidenote: I finally realize patisserie means pastry.

    PS Need to email you back, doing that right now.

  2. @PSD- It was so fun. Even if not super healthy all the time haha. Everything in Canada is bilingual (English/French) like packaging etc. I have to respond to your email later today :)