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Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been told I can kind of look like her (I know super compliment right?  Anywho this is from Honey one of my secret fav movies.  Only I get super annoyed that she doesn't see the incredible guy she has right there...anyway I'm just cranky.

This is a total vent post.
In fact I suggest you skip it.

So I leave today for Ottawa for a girls weekend.
I mean YAY right?!
So why am I not focusing on that and burning a killer roadmix for us?

Um because hi I'm annoyingly smitten with MrDentist.
Who returned from Vegas on Monday.
Who I hadn't heard from since last Thursday.
If you remember I was in FABULOUS New York City Monday into Tuesday.
A few texts on Monday occured.
A few on Tuesday.

On Wednesday knowing of my impending Ottawa trip this weekend he sent me this text message... "was hoping to see you.  Possible?"
Wednesday he called and we chatted a bit.
Only it was a little awkward.
He made a comment about "have you been on lots of dates" and myself after fumbling around asking him "why would you say that?" blurted out "I can't help it if people ask me out"...ummm what was I thinking?!
Maybe trying so hard to appear in demand?!
Ugh I suck.
Because he doesn't know that after spending a few times with him.
I cleared my entire roster just for him.

So we sort of made plans for Sunday.
He made some kind of suggestion for maybe doing something Thursday.
But it was too rushed and not enough time and so I just suggested we talk tomorrow and plan on Sunday.

I was also supposed to be in my hometown next following weekend.
But I don't really want to so I mentioned we could possibly do something then.
And we were going to talk about it Thursday.

So Thursday (yesterday).
I felt bad that maybe I was too aloof and too cool and maybe he thought I wasn't interested.
So I messaged him saying something along the line of I hope you are having a great day.  I'm excited to see you Sunday. response.

I tried to call him just after 10 and got his machine.
To which I did not leave a message.
(I hate leaving messages).

And I haven't heard from him.
Oh my how things have changed when good morning texts/calls came in regularly.
Maybe this thing was just a flash in the pan.
A spark that was so bright and brilliant and couldn't sustain without burning out.
I'm bummed.

And while I should just get back up on the horse.
Start dating again.
Focus on a fun girls weekend ahead.
But I'm having a hard time doing that because I'm kind of bummed.
And way over thinking things...

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  1. We're so alike. I would totally go there from his behavior. The good news is that, after I go there, it usually becomes clear that it wasn't necessary. But feel what you feel, girlie. This stuff isn't easy.

  2. Don't be hasty...wait until you can talk to him face-to-face. Things always get screwed up via text. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable with him. It's hard, especially since you've been burned, but sometimes you need to let the wall down. Good luck.

  3. I can totally see the resemblance! Only you're hotter.

    I agree with Beth a bit. When I first met Brando I stood him up because he didn't plan our date out and waited til' the last minute to think of somewhere to go and even what time he was going to meet me. Several months later when I ran into him again I asked why he didn't call me back, and he told me he thought I wasn't interested. I said, no, I *was* interested but I'm not about to go out last minute to a stinkin' friend's bbq without a planned date!! He got my number again and planned a date and a time for that next Tuesday at 6pm :) .

    However, if it turns out he's really a jerk, good riddance (not of the times you had together, but of anyone who could treat you like that and think they can get away with it), any way!! Crossing fingers it's just a misunderstanding!!

  4. @A- Thanks girlie. Sometimes I feel a little crazypants but sometimes I just don't know about boys!

    @Beth-Thanks Beth :) That's if only I could see him face to face...

    @PSD- Okay sweetest comment ever! Love that story about you and Brando! That gives me hope. However he may just not be that into me. Which I'm kind of feeling that way. Ugh it sucks! We shall see how it turns out...