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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Friday

I had the CRAZIEST busiest Friday ever.
It began at 4:30AM.  I had to be somewhere for work for a 6AM meeting (fun times right?!)
AND it totally didn't help that I had a dream that my condo was haunted (and it was totally scary you I woke up at 1am all stressed out!)
This may just be a very rambly post by the way (especially if this first paragraph is any indication).

So then I headed to my office from 8AM until 1PM where I had to turn around and drive back to original 6AM place for meetings at 2PM and 3PM.
It was nuts and crazy busy with that.
Then I had made plans weeks ago with Eva.

So I headed to her workplace.
She was doing me a favour in terms of what she does 
(I know I'm being so vague and I apologize for that).
It was so so SO great to see her.
I've missed her so much.
It totally kills me that she lives the closest to me but I probably see her the least often.

We then headed for dinner at a Japenese Thai place called Spoon and Fork.

It was so so pretty inside!

It was the PERFECT decor and totally suited Eva and my's tastes.
(When we were planning weddings at the same time we had picked things so completely similar it was hilarious!)

We decided to to their all you can eat menu (which is tapas style~smaller portions to share).
We started with curry pumpkin soup, edamame, and springrolls.
Then we had cashew chicken, then japanese fried rice, then a tempura roll and finally teriyaki chicken.
We were stuffed and it was great to catch up with Eva I've really missed her.

So we OBVIOUSLY talked about MrDentist.
And here is Eva's take on the situation.
This has in a way happened with Spencer, MM and now MrDentist.
She thinks I should write him and email and ask him what I did wrong so that I can work on it.
Ummm yes that was a tough pill to swallow.

I thought about it and I told her I don't think I could do that.
She said "but don't you want to know so that you can change that about yourself so that this stops happening?" and I guess she is right y'all
But I just don't think I'm ready to take that huge of a hit to my ego right now or what if it is something that is so ingrained in myself that I can't change it?!
(OBVIOUSLY it is going to be something negative and that scares me a ton...I already am a little hard on myself) I just don't think this is an option at all.

So then we actually planned on her joining us (Quinn and I) next Friday when we have plans.
Notice I have NO problem including her on a pre-planned friend event...just saying.
(Remember here if you need a reminder of why I just made a really passive aggressive comment).
I'm glad I will get to see her next week as well and I've come to the conclusion I think her husband just doesn't really care for me and that is okay.


So THEN I rushed home to change for my next thing.
(I seriously don't know how I kept going for so long given my early start in the morning).
I was heading out for a night with Laurel and the CanadaCrew (from this post).
It had changed a bit so for the night it actually ended up being Laurel, her fiance, and 4 other boys (I call everyone male boys FYI)...let's see they will get the following names...B was there, B's brother, Mouth (because he TOTALLY reminds me of Mouth from One Tree Hill!!!! He seriously looks SO SO SO much like him and think I kept staring), and Kermit (sorry he was wearing a green shirt and that's all I could come up with).

So we headed onto the subway then a streetcar to get to our destination planned for the night.
A bar called Spin.
It is actually co-owned by Susan Serandon (this IS a totally rambly post haha).
It is a ping pong bar!

From an article in Toronto life...
If you thought table tennis was a nerdy game best restricted to basements and community centres, Spin’s creators, Franck Raharinosy, Andrew Gordon, Jonathan Bricklin, Toronto partner Ryan Fisher and, ahem, Academy Award–winning actress Susan Sarandon would like to change your mind. The 12,000-square-foot space was designed by Emil Teleki and Jessica Nakanishi in collaboration with Todd Oldham in New York, and it has 12 ping pong tables, a lounge and a private party room. The two bars serve a variety of beers, wines and cocktails, including the Stamos ($14), with Bacardi Gold, Amaro Montenegro, house-made tobacco tincture and maraschino. The food focuses on sharing plates, like devilled eggs ($5), a mixed taco plate ($24) and barbecue popcorn ($3). There are also sundaes ($7) in flavours like Guinness, sweet potato or cheddar, which are served with whipped cream and candied fruit. Of course, ping pong this high-class doesn’t come cheap: annual memberships can be purchased at individual ($500) or family ($750) rates; non-members can enjoy an hour of play for $20–$28 depending on the time of day.

Very clever employee shirt!

So we geared up and started to play and y'all I SUCK at ping pong.
B braved up and agreed to be my partner even with all my suckiness.
I also assume the alcoholic beverages didn't help the hand eye coordination.
Laurel had been exhausted all night so she stayed for about an hour before bailing and heading home in a taxi.

Which left me and the five boys.

And you know what???? I secretly LOVED that.
It totally reminded me of my graduate school years in Dallas.

I have to be real with y'all I kind of like being the girly girl among the boys.

It's kind of nice to have a little attention.
And be a little silly.
I actually really needed a night like this.
It was a great distraction.

So we played ping pong for about two hours before heading to a nearby pub.
And we started the 6 of us sitting around a table ordering drinks.
And Mouth and Kermit were super intent on starting the dance floor in this pub.
I thought they weren't serious.

Ummm yeah they totally were.
After talking to the DJ (Weird I know DJ in a pub) and had him switch from more Sweet Caroline and pub-ey type music to something you could dance to we started the dance floor.
And y'all we did NOT stop until we shut that bar down!!!
It was me and the boys dancing up a storm...laughing our butts off and having the BEST time.

It was fun to be a little flirty.
Dance around with the boys (you know we totally fist pumped starting from the floor and all the way up into the air).
At the end they were all like thanks for hanging out with us and dealing with the boys.
And I was like no thank YOU because I had the BEST time ever.

There was definitely a little bit of flirting of Mouth, Kermit and B with me.
B's brother is engaged and super fun too.  
Laurel's fiance is fun, really sweet and a little dorky 
(he totally was wearing an awesome t-shirt cardigan option).
I think* Mouth is engaged and living with his fiancee (but I'm unsure).
I'm pretty sure Kermit is single.
And B is single because at the end of the night he asked for my number.

And I gave it to him but y'all it was sort of awkward at the end of the night.
I thought we were leaving and only he followed me to the table where he nervously said he had been having fun getting to know me and wanted to know if he could get my number...of course me in my dorky nervousness (AND I could feel the 4 other set's of eyes burning a hole in the back of my head!) said "sure no problem" and I gave my number to him.

But y'all I'm kind of mad because I had so SO SO much fun at a boys night.

I want to be included in these boys' nights.
And I don't want to create drama etc.
So I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed with all this.
I'm hesitant to make B into MrGraphicDesigner.

So yea.
I am missing the next CanadaCrew event because I'm hanging with Quinn and Eva.
So I have a little break from them.
I don't know what to do about B and how to go about things.
He is very sweet and very nice...but I'm still a little ummm hung up on something that was all spark and chemistry.
What will happen?
Guess we will have to see.

Pics from here here here

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