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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Infatuation, Integrity and Issues

So no sooner than I posted the last post but within 5 minutes he called!
Seriously I'm so over dramatic...kinda.
We had this wonderful conversation until 1am.

With sweet things said like...
He was referring to the condos we were looking at these last two weekends..."wouldn't it be funny if one of those condos that we looked at ended up being the one we first lived in together..."
I just about died when he said that (in a good way).
Ummm hi these are the exact things that make me fall.
Someone who sounds totally serious.
Because I'm totally serious.

Then he told me "you know I told the guys that I was falling for you"...
and I always tried to respond all easy breezy.
Even though I was swooning ...hard.

Gosh I like him.

Then I thought we were going to hang out Wednesday (like I mentioned before).
But that didn't happen and I can't help but be a little hurt.
He did call and he did have a valid reason.
But you know me...if someone says something and then doesn't do it I get super cranky.
Maybe it's because I've been promised so much and been let down so SO much.

So he did call last night and we spoke briefly.
He said he would call when he got to Vegas.
I said he didn't have to and a text was sufficient.
And today...I got neither.
Well he did text me to let me know that he was boarding and to say have a great weekend and this ":*" which I have NO idea what that means!
Does anyone know what :* means?

So today is driving me up the wall!
It probably doesn't help that I've come down with a flu and am congested and coughing and generally feel miserable.
Which is probably great that he didn't spend Wednesday night with me.
But I'm being a baby.

Plus I've been inundated with messages from Jacob saying he loves me and wants to come see me and he missed me.
Ughhhh I'm a hot mess.

Plus yesterday I had a meeting with the colleague.
With a VERY interesting opportunity.
However it would be a change of course in what I do.
It seems a little risky.
It could change a lot.
It would shake things up.
I'm just not sure what to do.

Also it would involve the colleague...whose integrity is a little questionable.
I am definitely at a cross roads (again).
Being sick does not help.

Plus I have stress for this upcoming Monday/Tuesday trip.
I know I know I"m being so so very vague.
Here's a better idea.
I have a quick trip to NYC booked to cross "a concert at Carnegie Hall" off my bucket list.
To see Jay-Z with my little bro.
Only...I haven't left Canada since summer of 2010 because of some issues with visiting.
So I'm in a huge big big panic.
I just want to go see this so so badly.
And it has to be attempted at some point.
But I'm freaking out!

Can't wait until I feel better.
Because right now I feel lousy.
Is it wrong that I kind of miss MrDentist?
Because I totally do.
I'm infatuated for sure.

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  1. Do you think he meant :-* ? Which apparently means kiss?

  2. @Kari- I HOPE that means kiss eeeeeeeeeeeek!!
    That makes me totally excited haha.

  3. Replies
    1. I totally did a happy dance all around my apartment...yippee it means kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Isn't it fun how you're just going along in life and all of a sudden the perfect person just pops in to it? LOVE that feeling! I remember it so clearly because it wasn't that long ago it happened to me...and I'm marrying him in ONE WEEK!!! Excited about Mr. Dentist, and yes, that is a kiss! You need to tell Jacob you're over it and have moved on, and that the weekend y'all had together was the deciding point for you. Don't engage in more conversation than that because it's not necessary to be long and drawn out and dramatic about it. But seriously, you didn't enjoy that weekend and he seems to only want things at his convenience. Totally not worth your time. Cut him off and move on. :)

    1. @Beth- It is totally exciting...only I get way too nervous to think too far ahead as it usually doesn't work out that way (for me). I totally went to your blog and if you are going private please add me :) How fabulous about y'all's story! Seriously I love it and your growing family?! I can only hope and dream. And totally agreed with Jacob deal. Thanks for the kind words xo