Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Date Sixteen could not come fast enough.
With my self induced panic about nothing.
I was counting it down until I got to see MrKent.
It felt like a VERY long week.

He was so sweet and so nice.
I had mentioned wanting to go to Jump a bit ago.
The sole reason??? Taylor, my cousin and I shared a bottle of house Chardonnay (during this 2011 trip). 
that was so incredibly delicious.
And the fact that it is an O&B (Oliver and Bonacini restaurant)...I have NEVER had bad food or bad service at ANY of their places ever!

So I totally had that to look forward to.
And then I just about ruined it all (more of THAT to come).
MrKent was so sweet he messaged me the plan without me even having to ask.
Which is great because he knows that gives me comfort.
He really is if I could not freak out for a minute that would be good.

So he picked me up in like the worst weather ever.
It was pouring rain and so incredibly windy.
I hopped into his car and settled in.

So we headed downtown (obviously).
He even offered to drop me off at the restaurant first 
(before parking his car the 15 minute walk or so from his place).
By the time we reached downtown the weather was milder so I said I'd rather walk with him.Even if we did get caught in the rain I had visions of romantic movies where the guy pulls in the girl for an amazing kiss...a la Dear John.

So we headed to Jump.
Hand in hand.
Me totally just  blissed out.
Pic from here

So we sat down.
And when I looked at the cocktail list...I kid you NOT...a cocktail called ClarkKent.
Which I told him..."okay OBVIOUSLY I have to order this" giggling.
And he agreed (he also notes this comparison that he gets often).

And it was great.
Here is the inside.
Pic from Jump's website

Pic from Jump's website.  Loved the oversized lighting fun.
Now picture it dark with twinkly city lights shining through the glass ceiling.
Super romantic.
I love the little details.
This is one of O&B's more casual places.
I loved the clever coasters.

Pic from here.

They brought some bread to the table with a roasted red pepper/marinara type sauce.
Pic from here.

We both started off with the Wild & Tame Mushroom soup.

Pic from here.

For our mains we decided on.
The pappardelle...which is pretty much my favourite.
MrKent guessed that is what I was going to order.
Again how amazing is he.
We went with the large since we knew we would share.

For his main he picked the Roasted Filet of Sea Bass.

Our food was amazing.
And we laughed and chatted and I got a little tipsy.
And I was just grinning from ear to ear.

Afterwards we walked home and watched Abduction.
Which I actually really like.
Chatting and snuggling and talking the whole time.
(It's a good thing it isn't a super complicated movie haha).

Then we got into sort of an intense conversation.
And by sort of intense I mean I pestered him about this one little detail that I misinterpreted.
Which he denied but I think I was rather insistent on.
Not to "blame it on the alcohol" but this girl was rather tipsy.
And now I'm annoyed at myself for that.
And all because I think deep down I wanted to have "that conversation".
The one where you determine that you are officially "boyfriend and girlfriend".
Only I KNOW there isn't really a need for that.
It just apparently is bothering me since as soon as my inhibitions were lowered and I then chose to pounce on that.
Picture me shaking my head into my hands now!
I know I was a complete pest about it.
And MrKent ever the calm cool and collected stayed that way.
Even though it also may have been the second time we had this convo...after I was tipsy.
So so so so super duper annoyed at myself.

So Saturday I woke up determined to be more bendy.
And not so pesty.
We got all set and decided to head to a place he was thinking of for breakfast.
We went to The Bellevue in the Kensington Market area.
Think super urban/hipster area.
Which is funny because MrKent and I are super preppy and nowhere near hipster.
I remember leaning over to MrKent and whispering..."I don't think I'm "cool" enough to eat here".  Which made him laugh, nod in agreement and say back "me too!".
But that didn't stop us!
We sat on their patio pic from here.

The patio is actually built on a little elevated area now...versus this picture that didn't have it.
The Bellevue
Pic from here

I think I was a little quiet and awkward.
I was so super annoyed at myself.
I'm worried I sabotaged how good we are due to my own insecurities.

Anyway we quickly were excited by the fun menu.
Pic from here

The well worn wooden tables.
The great music.
And it helped to have such a handsome man to look at :)

And their espresso drinks...oh my goodness amazing!!!
Pic from here

After enjoying breakfast we were on the hunt for blackout curtains for my room.
So we headed to West Elm in Liberty Village.

Pic from here

And as we strolled along.
He kept chatting about all kinds of things.
And I kept worrying about how I maybe ruined things last night.
When I probably should have just enjoyed the time and not been freaking out.
After all we were shopping for curtains on a Saturday I need more boyfriend/girlfriend confirmation than that?!  Duh.  So mad at myself.

The we took a break and clearly needed another espresso drink so we headed to Balzac's in Liberty Village...they also have one in the Distillery District.
The trendy coffee shop on the corner.  Pic from here.  Love seeing the CN tower in the back right too!

So cute on the inside.
Pic from here

I loved the fun patterned floors!  Pics from here.

So we got out coffee to go and went for a walk around Liberty Village.
Before deciding to head downtown to a Homesense where MrKent had noticed some curtains last weekend.
We headed there and they didn't have EXACTLY what I was looking for.
So I passed.
But we did find a beautiful teak bench that could work for his friends (the couple we had dinner with last week who are just finishing their new deck/patio).
So he put it on a paid hold for them.
( amazing is this man?!)

Then we walked in the Eaton Centre.
We joked about the white and brightly coloured VERY tight men's capris that MrKent is clearly (not) missing from his wardrobe in the window of Zara.
Before heading into the parking lot and driving away from the Eaton Centre downtown.
(Not a moment too soon...I'll talk about that in a later post unfortunately.

Then before I knew it we had to head back to his place to grab my things so I could make it in time for my Saturday evening plans.
I was still a little quiet.
And as we got into his car for him to take me home.
I whispered, "I'm really sorry for that ridiculous intense conversation last night".
MrKent sort of brushed it off...but I'm still a little worried.

We drove home.
And we do this little dorky thing.
Where there is a strip of grass on the Don Valley Parkway aka the DVP 
(main highway between my place and downtown).
Where we look for the groundhog.

There is an article here about it.
You see the weird thing is this strip of grass is between the south and north bound lanes.
Groundhog stakes out his turf near the northbound lanes of the DVP
Pic from the article.

The last 3 weeks or so we haven't seen our usual one.
But we did see a roadkill one two weeks ago :(
And I've been looking and looking.
And on our way home as the sun was shining down we saw 5 groundhogs!
And we both got silly excited about it.

When we got to my place he walked me up to my apartment.
Before kissing me goodbye.
And I can only hope I didn't ruin it.


  1. You didn't ruin it. You had a great weekend, saw 5 groundhogs and didn't get shot -- what more could MrKent ask for (:))? Guys don't obsess about things like we do..
    So glad you drove away from Eaton Centre when you did...sounds like it was complete chaos there once the shot(s) were fired.

  2. @Kari- Yes it sure got crazy. Thank you for making me feel sane though and for explaining how I didn't ruin it :)